Manila Ocean Park 2016 : The Birds of Prey Kingdom

13 October 2016

By the time we arrived at the Birds of Prey Kingdom, it was already 5:00PM and most of the students on their field trip have gone home.  That meant there were no more long lines at the entrance :)  This attraction was actually the first thing you'll come across when you enter Manila Ocean Park so it's inevitable that people will start with this attraction.

Coming from the All-Bird Show, I didn't really know what to expect (again!) so I was nervous about entering.  But, wow! You'll be surprised when you get inside :)

The Birds of Prey Kingdom features Brahminy Kites or Lawin in Tagalog.  They are perched on a hanging bridge over the Manila Bay and they are free to fly around the area.  You'll see them in action and can even be up close and personal with them :)  We took 10 minutes here.

The Birds of Prey Kingdom opens at 1030AM and last entry is at 5:30PM.

The Birds of Prey Kingdom is like a man-made sanctuary for the coastal raptors called Brahminy Kites or in the Tagalog dialect, Lawin.  They're like a smaller version of our Philippine Eagle or the Agila.  This tall, spacious area is enclosed with nets to allow the Lawin freedom to fly within.  There is a heavy sausage-like  divider that separates the entrance from the enclosed sanctuary.  There is also a sink on the right side from the door so you can wash your hands after handling the birds :)

There are  tall branches that serve as perches for the birds.  When we first stepped onto the platform, we didn't really know what to do.  Should we walk to the end? Will the birds attack? Were they actual birds?!  And then you see them zoom around and you're just transfixed.  For a second, you wonder if they're going to poop on you but you just don't worry about it :)  It didn't happen to us, so I guess we're lucky :)

View from the entrance

View from the End
At the platform, you'll find this board to show you the wingspan of the Philippine Eagle (in blue), the Osprey (in yellow) and the Brahminy Kite (in red).  So Dylan was a Lawin and Dana was an Osprey :)

Birds perch on tree branches or on the ledges as you can see.  Some are perched right on the deck, so close you can actually touch them if you dare.  There's a guide who looks out for you as well as the birds and he talks about the Lawin so it really is an educational tour.  I was fascinated!  So were the kids :)

I don't know if it was because it was closing time and we were the only ones there but our guide asked us if we wanted to hang on to a Lawin.  Of course we would! And we did! :)  They were surprisingly heavy but docile :)

Here's a look at the Brahminy Kites in flight.  You can hear them "mewling" too :)  There was one who flew by us and we felt its wings as it flew by. That was exhilarating!

Of all the attractions, I think this one will stay with me a long time because there's just something so free about watching birds in flight.  It's different when you see birds in cages, although some can fly within but, here, even if they're still enclosed, they have more space and more freedom to roam around.  And you're right there with them :) Talk about a Jurassic Park moment :) You guys will love this.  But I guess we're also lucky that we were the only ones at the attraction at that time because there were no other distractions. We had the place to ourselves.  I guess it wouldn't be as fun if there were other people hehe

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