Manila Ocean Park 2016: The Jellies Exhibit

13 October 2016

This is one of the most relaxing attractions in the park, the Jellies "Dancing Sea Fairies" Exhibit.  Again, we were the only ones in the exhibit and it was great! :)  This attraction contains several species of Jellyfish in large tanks viewed through changing lights and accompanied by soft classical music.

This attraction opens at 10AM (M-F) and 9AM (Sat, Sun and Holidays) and closes at 7PM. Last entry is at 6:15PM.

We spent around 15 minutes touring the place.  On hindsight, this is perfect for your last attraction because it kind of calms you down and lets you slow down from the other exhilarating and exciting attractions.  It's the perfect thing to wind down your day.

So we went in and it was dark.  Of course, it's the ambient lighting that sets off the beauty and the movement of the jellyfish in the water.  We liked that they decorated the lights to look like jellyfish as well.  I just wish that they illuminated the name plates of the jellyfish so that they're easy to read :)

Here are the different type of jellyfish that we saw:

Blubber Jellyfish

Upside Down Jellyfish

Upside Down Jellyfish (up close)

Brown Sea Nettles

Brown Sea Nettles (up close)

Moon Jellyfish under different lights

The last section of the Jellies Exhibit is this Jellyfish room.  It's where tube-like tanks that extend from the ceiling to the floor are arranged across the room, each one featuring a stunning number of jellyfish.

It can get quite disorienting when inside this room because it's dark and there are a lot of mirrors to give the illusion of endless tanks.  There are actually signs inside that says "Beware of mirrors".  These jellyfish are so hypnotic and the classical music playing can lull you to sleep :)

The Jellyfish Room

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