Manila Ocean Park 2016: The All-Star Bird Show

13 October 2016

After 2 hours and a half of walking around and visiting 5 different attractions at the Manila Ocean Park, and after a 30 minute break, we headed to the All-Star Bird Show around 4:00
PM and was surprised that not many people were watching.  I suppose birds aren't as interesting as the Sea Lions :)  But, we did enjoy it and had an extra surprise at the end too :)

Catch The All-Star Bird Show: 1:15PM and 4:15PM.  It lasts about 20 minutes.

We went to the outdoor theater with 15 minutes to spare because we didn't know if there was going to be a long line at the show.  We were surprised that we could just go in because there was no line! :) So, we sat directly in front of the "stage" so we can get a better view of the birds' acts :)

To start the show, Chaz raised the flag!

Before the start of this part, we were asked where to hide the ball.  We told Sia to put it in the middle.  Dazzle came out and found it! :)

Bandit and Sassy played basketball for us too :)

Sassy also did well with the shape sorting game :)

 This is my favorite part of the program.  When asked for a female volunteer and no one wanted to, I stepped up because I thought it was my birthday and I needed to do something to make it memorable.  What a shock I got! haha To begin with, I hate reptiles and am actually afraid of them.  When they started this act, I thought I'd interact with a bird, so yeah because it's an All-Bird Show, right?  Well, guess what they brought out?  A snake! :)  It was around my neck for about 2 minutes maybe but it certainly felt like a long time :)

Here's the video if you want to laugh haha

After, I wasn't really able to pay attention because I got goosebumps and chills running up and down my spine :)  But, the eagles were flying and what a sight that was!

When the aerial show was over, we were taught to reduce, reuse and recycle :)

Here's a compilation of the clips/videos we took of the different acts in the All-Star Bird Show :)

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