Manila Ocean Park 2016: Amazing Stories of Yexel's Museum

13 October 2016

We only found out that we'd be going to the "Amazing Stories of Yexel's Museum" when we bought our tickets.  Apparently, the Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter was not available and this was the replacement attraction.  We weren't told why the Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter was not available and for how long.  I haven't heard of this exhibit before so it was a pleasant experience when we got to see everything it had to offer.  This exhibit showcases the toy collection of Yexel Sebastian, including his own life-sized reproductions of popular TV and Movie characters.

The Amazing Stories of Yexel's Museum opens at 10AM and last entry is at 6:15PM.

We took around 30 minutes to finish the attraction.  But you can definitely stay longer if you have the time.

 The kids were so excited to see the Minions and who wouldn't?  They're so adorable!

There was a section for the Shell Eco-marathon car displays.

We all had fun at the Upside Down room :)

right side up or not?
Flip the camera :)
Next, there was a Spider-Man "wall" where you can pretend to be scaling a wall with him.  To get on it, there are stairs on the left side.

More life-sized superheroes and Chipmunks on display:

Lord of the Rings fans will hyperventilate when they see Yexel's collection :)  When you enter the chamber, the Lord of the Rings soundtrack is playing to set the mood :)

Game of Thrones fans will get to sit on the Iron Throne :)

Of course, Star Wars fans won't be disappointed.  Storm Troopers and Darth Vader are waiting :)

The last section of the exhibit is the Iron Man basement :)  You can take a picture with Iron Man as a souvenir.  I think it costs P100 since it was a smaller picture.

Going out of this attraction, you'll also pass a souvenir shop filled with toys of the featured movies :) Hang on to your wallets hahaha :)

There are food stalls when you get out, but there are no seats.  We stayed outside and sat near the plants :)  We originally went to the enclosed area near the restaurant but we were shooed out haha Those alfresco dining tables were reserved for the customers of the Makan Makan restaurant :)

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