Visiting The Mansion in Baguio

26 September 2016

After a hearty lunch at Amare La Cucina and checking in at C Boutique Hotel, we headed straight to The Mansion as it is one of the landmarks that is close to where we were and we already knew how to get there.  The Mansion is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines and this is the closest that you can get inside.

The problem was that when we got there, there was no place to park.  There were even "No Parking" signs at the front.  So, Patrick decided to go to Wright Park Riding Circle (it's the part of Wright park where the horses are) where there were free parking spaces and then we walked back to the Mansion.  Do take note that it's an uphill walk so it may be stressful on the knees.  It was funny that when we got to the Mansion, there were cars parked in front, although they had their hazard lights on.   I guess they figured they'd take their pictures and go as soon as they're done.

The best part about coming to Baguio in the off-peak season is having no other tourists around when you're trying to take great pictures. :)

From here, we just crossed the street to get to another side of Wright Park.  More on that in the next post. :)

The Mansion is located along C.P. Romulo Drive, across Wright Park.

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