Kids enjoyed making their own pizza at Amare La Cucina in Baguio

26 September 2016

Before we even went to Baguio, I already made a list of places that we wanted to dine at and on top of that list was the Amare La Cucina which was famous for having their own brick oven and they also let kids make the pizza they ordered.  After Mines View Park, we headed straight to Amare La Cucina which was fortunately in the same vicinity, located at the EGI Alberto Hotel near Wright Park.

We found the place easily enough through Waze but having Wright Park as a landmark also was a plus.  You just have to look for the EGI Alberto Hotel at the intersection of Romulo Drive and Ignacio Villamor Street.  The street parking was full at the time we arrived (around 1:30PM) so we had to park underground.  From the basement parking,  we went up and came out of the lobby of the Alberto Hotel.  It was discomfiting at first because we thought we were lost but we asked at the Front Desk and they directed us promptly.

The aroma of pizza and pasta wafted towards us as we came through the door and sat down at our table.  Our server brought us the menus and explained that they also had new dishes that we might like to try, like Pizza with Feta cheese and that their specialty was the Foie Gras pizza.  But we chose to go with the basics like Pepperoni Pizza and Ragu Bolognese.  

When we ordered the Pepperoni Pizza, he mentioned that Dana and Dylan can craft it themselves to which the kids immediately responded, "YES!".  They were told to wash their hands and they will be called on when the kitchen is ready for them.

Washing hands prior to pizza making
After washing their hands, they were called to the pizza making area where they watched the pizza dough being prepared.

Then, it was their turn.  First, they had to spread the tomato sauce.  They were told to do it in a circular fashion, to make sure that they spread the sauce evenly across the pizza dough.

Then, they had to sprinkle the mozzarella cheese.  Dylan was putting all the cheese in one spot! haha

Then, they had to drop the pepperoni.  Dana was focused on putting equal measures of pepperoni across the pizza dough :)

Then, they watched as their pizza went into this huge, hot, brick oven.  We were seated at a table almost directly in front of it so we could feel the heat emanating from the oven.

Here's a video of the whole experience :)

And, voila! Here's their masterpiece.  Perfectly baked pepperoni pizza!  It was crunchy, not greasy at all!  The cheese was melting as we lifted the slice from the wood pan.

Pepperoni Pizza @P395
The Ragu Bolognese was a hefty serving and was enough for all of us to have a taste.  But, if you're really hungry then you'll probably want one serving for yourself :)

Rague Bolognese @P330
We ordered mint and regular iced teas.  Very refreshing! :)

Mint Iced Tea @P85
Regular Iced Tea @P75
 All in all, everyone had a great time.  The service was fast and efficient.  The customer service was excellent - servers were always smiling and knowledgeable about their offerings.  The price was a little on the high side but it was worth it because of the quality, serving and taste of the food.

If we come back to Baguio, we'll definitely dine here again :)  Thanks Amare La Cucina! :)

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