Kids' first visit to Mines View Park

26 September 2016

When we reached Baguio City, we first headed to our hotel, C Boutique Hotel Baguio near Mines View Park to check-in.  But our room wasn't ready yet so we headed to the nearest tourist attraction which was, of course, Mines View Park.  It was the first time for the kids to visit this destination and they were pretty excited.

It was easy to get a parking slot near the souvenir stores because there weren't many tourists at this time since it's the off-peak season.  On a side note, I was relieved to see a pretty big sign near the entrance - "Clean Comfort Rooms".  The cold weather in Baguio induces a constant need for peeing.  To be honest, this was the first time I've stepped into a public restroom in Baguio.  I was surprised that, at the entrance, they asked whether I'd pee or defecate.  Apparently, this determined how much you'll pay to enter.  Another surprise, when I got to the cubicle to pee, the toilet bowl was on the floor! And, when you stood, people could see you over the door haha It was unnerving to say the least :)  But, you have to consider that water is a scarce commodity in Baguio hence the need to conserve water and you have to pay a premium if you're going to use more water than necessary.  To pee, you had to pay P5 while to defecate, you had to pay P12.  That comes with tissue, by the way.

Anyway, back to Mines View Park.  When you leave the restrooms, you'll find yourself surrounded by plants for sale.  I was tempted to buy some of them but figured we'd do it on the way home.  So, off we went to the viewing deck.

There weren't too many people near the viewing deck as well but you still had to wait your turn if you wanted a clear view.  People usually take more than one photo at this area so it can be a long wait, unless it's okay with you if you have people in your background. :)  


We moved away from the main viewing area and instead opted to take pictures near the side.  The background is actually better here :)

We also stopped at this signage for Mines View Park.  When you use your mobile phone to scan the bar code, it will bring up a description of Mines View Park for your perusal.

We couldn't resist posing near this tree.  It reminded us of Totoro :)

Near the entrance to Mines View Park, we decided to let the kids try Strawberry Taho.  They're big fans of taho, the regular one, so Patrick and I were wondering whether they'd like the one with Strawberry.  And the verdict was - They loved it!!

By this time, we were getting hungry so we went in search of our next destination.

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