Visiting Cafe in the Sky in Benguet

26 September 2016

When we reached Baguio, we didn't immediately go to our hotel because it was too early to check in.  Instead, Patrick drove us quite a ways to the location called Cafe in the Sky in Sto. Tomas, Benguet.  He said that it was a popular destination because of the stunning views from atop the mountain.  We didn't anticipate what we would find when we got there.

First of all, getting to the place using Waze was confusing.  We got lost a number of times because the roads were in residential villages.  I was actually content letting Patrick drive since I couldn't navigate as well as he can.  As it is, it was the first I've heard of Cafe in the Sky so I didn't know what to expect at all.

Imagine my surprise when we reached a checkpoint in the road, the corner of which was the Tuba Municipal Police Station, thinking we could simply pass on.  We were asked to park on the side and Patrick got out to talk with the policeman.  It turned out, we were told that tourists weren't actually supposed to go up to Cafe in the Sky and the rest of the Sto. Tomas Forest Reserve.  As I understood it, there was a problem about the Cafe having no permits to run the business. We were a little disappointed thinking that we couldn't go up.  However, the good officer gave us an hour to take pictures at Cafe in the Sky but we were supposed to come back down immediately.  We thanked him profusely and went on our way.  Oh, and Patrick was asked to leave his Driver's License.

I think he was kind enough to let us go up because it was still early and he knew that we came straight from Manila.  I can't really say for sure though why he let us up but was still thankful for the opportunity.

The drive up was one of a kind!  The fog was rolling on the road!  I've never experienced that kind of cold and the kids were so excited, especially Dylan, when we told him that the mist that he was seeing was actually the clouds because we were so high up.  It was actually unnerving to look at the side of the road because you couldn't really see anything.  It's like the fog swallowed everything up! 

At the Cafe in the Sky, we got the chance to stretch our legs for a while.  It was so weird not being able to see anything below.  Fog was just everywhere and it was so cold! :)

Though we saw a building there, and it said it was open, we didn't go in because it didn't really look as if they were open.  We didn't stay long because we also needed to go to the bathroom.  

It was only when we got back down did we see this sign near the police station.  We stopped at the police station to get Patrick's license and they were kind enough to let us use their bathroom.  :)

Looking back, even if we hadn't gone up to Cafe in the Sky, the drive alone would have been worth it.  The rolling mist was memorable enough :)

Note: Back in Manila, I tried to research what the Writ of Kalikasan meant and it seemed that there have been earthworks and construction happening at the Sto. Tomas Forest Reserve and the writ is a temporary injunction to prevent the further degradation of the Reserve as well as prevent the contamination of the Sto. Tomas Reservoir.

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