Enjoyable fun at the Camp John Hay Mini Golf

27 September 2016

Having just eaten at the Mile Hi Diner at the Mile Hi Center, everyone was energized and raring to go for some fun activity.  Next on the agenda was to play a round of Mini Golf.  The place was about 10 minutes away from the Mile Hi Center and we actually couldn't find it the first time we went around Camp John Hay.  The next time we did find it, it was raining hard and though it was open, playing was out of the question.  This time, the rain had subsided and a bit of sun was out :)

To get to the Mini Golf area from Mile Hi Center, you need to head back in the direction of the Shalan ni Kabadjo, heading west on Ordonio Drive.  On Scout Hill Drive which is the 2nd corner from Mile Hi Center, you need to take a left. You know you're headed in the right direction when you're traveling uphill and passing signs for TreeTop Adventure, the Cemetery of Negativism and the Bell Ampitheater.

You will reach a point in the road, where you either turn Left to those attractions mentioned above or Right to get to the Mini Golf.  The Mini Golf play area is at the end of the road.

For P115 per person, a player gets his own club and the chance to go through all 18 holes.  When we played, Dylan had a smaller club compared to Dana's.  We also got a score card, yeah, like the score matters haha  However, you cannot repeat your turn at each hole.  I mean, that once you get the ball in the hole, you have to move to the next hole.  This is to give other players a chance to play.  Imagine if you just keep repeating that round even if it's not necessary, then you'll never finish!  I admit that we still wanted to keep playing, err repeating some holes, because we're the only ones there anyway but we followed the rules :)

When the kids were playing, walking around the course was a bit of a challenge because there were puddles and muddy parts.  But we were there to have fun and it was the first time that the kids were trying their hand at mini golf so we soldiered on! :D  Oh and some holes had filled with rain water so the kids had to put their hands in and get wet when their clubs can't get the balls out.  They kept saying "Ew! Gross!" haha Good thing we had wipes, rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers. :)

Of course, the kids aren't the only ones taking pictures :)

When they completed the course, they were so happy, they wanted another round :)  We could've but then they saw the playground nearby and they wanted to try that too :)

Haha even I can ride the swing :)  That was a throwback :)

On the way way, we took the time to take pictures with the pine trees.  They were so tall!

I can safely say that this was one of the more memorable activities for the kids.  I guess if you mentioned Baguio to them again they'd probably want to come back in a second just for the chance to play a game of Mini Golf. :)

Here's a video of Dylan's epic hole! Epic in the sense that he couldn't put the ball in the hole haha It took him forever! :D

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