Visiting Baguio is not complete without Ube Jam from Good Shepherd

27 September 2016

The kids burned off all their energy playing at the Mini Golf and the playground next to it.  On our way back to our hotel to rest before dinner, we thought of passing by the Good Shepherd Mountain Maid Training Center to check if we can buy our favorite ube jam because our trip to Baguio wouldn't be complete if we didn't get some :)  With time to spare (it took us 30 minutes), we reached Good Shepherd.  

Funny enough, this was the first time I've been to Good Shepherd.  In my previous trips, someone else always bought our ube jam because I was working so I really couldn't differentiate the buying experience between now and before.

What I did see during this trip was this huge building with counters and lanes for purchases.  There was also a separate counter where they displayed all their products with their corresponding prices.  That is also where you fill out your order form before you fall in line.  We arrived a few minutes before closing time so there was hardly anyone at the counters but I'm sure this area is jam-packed on a regular day, especially during the peak season hence the need for an orderly system.  

We wanted to buy small ube jam bottles to take home to relatives but they ran out of bottles that's why they were only selling the huge ones.  Patrick wanted to buy strawberry jam and jelly but since it's not harvest season, they don't have them yet.  Looks like time to go back during the harvest season, right? :)  He decided to have Peanut Brittle instead.

The big ube jam bottle costs P320 and we bought three! haha There wasn't any limit at all which was what they told us at the market.  Hmm. Something fishy there, huh?  And can you believe the mark-up - P450 in the market, so that's P130 difference! Buy direct at the source, that's my advice!

So while Patrick was paying for our favorite ube jam, we took time to look at the view from the Shepherd's Gallery lookout.

Oh and they also sell Dagupena Bangus (milkfish).  But we didn't want to risk it getting spoiled on the way back so we didn't purchase at this time.

The Mountain Maid Training Center (Good Shepherd) is near Mines View Park along Gibraltar Road.  They're open Monday to Sunday, between 8AM and 5PM.

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