Dining at the Mile Hi Diner at the Mile Hi Center in Camp John Hay in Baguio

27 September 2016

After the kids had their horseback riding adventure at Shalan ni Kabadjo, we knew it was time for some grub.  We passed by Mile Hi Center on the way to the Riding Center one time and we thought it would be a good idea to pick our restaurant from there.  Looking around, Dana chose to eat at Mile Hi Diner, I guess to avoid Tapa King and Dencio's which were Manila-based franchises.

I didn't really know what to expect as we sat down because I haven't come across Mile Hi Diner in my food research of Baguio, so that made me anxious, to say the least.  Patrick said that it's been there a long time and is a well-known landmark in Camp John Hay so I figured it was worth a try.  You can't really know if a restaurant is good or bad unless you try it, right?

We were the only customers there at that time, probably because it was the off-season and it was raining as well.  The decor was like an American diner, I reckon from the days when Camp John Hay was the Americans' rest and recreation facility.  I think that they need to do a bit of renovation just to update the place :)

So, we ordered the following dishes:  Mushroom Soup, Mozzarella Sticks, Burger Steak with mashed potatoes, salad and garlic bread, and a Lasagna.  Though it's like an American Diner, they also have Chinese dishes on the menu, so that was weird :)

The mushroom soup was thick and hearty but you have to eat it fast because it cools pretty fast and then it's not so thick and hearty anymore.  Lots of mushrooms in it though.

Mushroom Soup - P80
 The marinara sauce was perfect for these mozzarella sticks.  They were crunchy and thick too.

Mozzarella Sticks - P155
Dana loved the Burger Steak.  The meat was tender but chunky.  The mashed potatoes were tasty as well.  It was really heavy on the tummy, this meal.

Burger Steak - P215
 The lasagna was good enough.  Supposedly it was good for 3-4 people, but I think it can work if they're not hungry :)  Ordinarily, in my opinion, this dish is good for 1-2 :)  So, it's price may be a bit much for two people on a budget.

Lasagna - P325
How thick it is

If I were to be honest, I'd say that the food was average.  It seemed a bit pricey to me, even.  I may not come back again only because there are probably other better restaurants in the area that we could have gone to.  Maybe, if there aren't, I'd still go further to look for one ;)

The Mile Hi Center is less than 10 minutes away from the Shalan ni Kabadjo grounds, on Ordonio Drive.  It is considered a shopping destination if you're looking for outlet stores of your favorite brands, like Adidas, Mango and Izod.  The Mile High Inn is also located there, just under the outlet stores.

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