Trip to Pililia Wind Farm: Lunch first at Cafe Katerina

30 April 2016

Yesterday, we decided that since Patrick was test driving the new Hyundai Tucson for Top Gear Philippines, we could go back to the Pililia Wind Farm and see if we could actually finish what we started before (read about our previous trip here).  We left the house at 10AM and arrived around lunchtime at our first stop, Cafe Katerina. Cafe Katerina is a restaurant offering Filipino dishes located atop a hill affording a scenic overlook of the Tanay, Rizal area all the way to Laguna de Bay.

Patrick found his way to Cafe Katerina before while on his many jaunts to Tanay as he test drives cars.  He thought we would enjoy both the location and the food before we went on our way to the Pililia Wind Farm. Check out the view from the parking area.

The restaurant has interior seating as well as bench seating overlooking these views.  Parking slots are ample but since this appeared to be a popular stop for bikers and car enthusiasts, there may be occasions when there are more vehicles than normal.

They have a good number of dishes available from breakfast to dinner!  We ordered the tried and tested "Silog's Best".  Both the Bangusilog and the Tapsilog were delicious.  I especially liked their garlic rice!  The servers were also very accommodating and friendly.

Bangusilog for P110
Tapsilog for P110
It was very exhilarating because of the fresh and healthy air!  It can get a little windy though as you can see so you really have to tamp down some of your lighter stuff :)

After that delicious and affordable lunch (we only spent P465 for the whole meal, including a liter of Mountain Dew), we were ready to set off for the Pililia Wind Farm.  We did visit the restrooms first and they're clean but there's no "normal" flush.  You have to pour water into the toilet bowl to flush it.  It's probably because they're so high up that water isn't readily available or it's hard to reach them (just my theory).

Now, we're off to the Pililia Wind Farm!!

Directions to Cafe Katerina:  You just have to stay on the MaRiLaQue Highway, also known as the Marikina-Infanta Highway.  It is about 41 kilometers from the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, taking about an hour's drive on private transportation.