Trip to Pililla Wind Farm: Directions and Other Info

30 April 2016

The last time we went looking for the Pililla Wind Farm, we didn't actually end up getting there.  You can read about our journey here.  This time, we decided on traveling the route we were originally on (the Sampaloc-Tanay road) before we turned around and drove down via the less-known route from near Camp Capinpin.  At the 54MW Pililla Rizal Wind Farm, we were up close and personal with six (6) 125-meter tall wind turbines capable of generating 2MW of power.  From here, we also saw a row of 9 more wind turbines at a different location, presumably along the same road which we weren't able to access at this time.

I'll begin with directions and some important figures based on our travel.  As you can see from the picture below, the blue path marks the correct path via the Tanay-Sampaloc and Manila-East Roads.  We missed the Manila-East Road mark and went straight through the Tanay Town, marked in RED. We still ended up on the same path regardless.  The other path, marked in GREYwas our first route which we didn't finish because of the condition of the road.  You need an SUV to pass this way.

  • From Cafe Katerina, head south via the Marilaque Highway until you reach the intersection/junction of Sampaloc and Tanay. This is about 8 minutes of driving, roughly 6 kilometers. 
  • Turn right onto the Tanay-Sampaloc Road and follow it for about 20-30 minutes or 13 kilometers until you reach the corner, the Manila-East Road.  It's the road with the Shell gas station at the corner.  We actually missed this point and went straight and followed the RED route on the map shown.  Don't worry though, there are enough signs on the road to direct you to the Pililla Wind Farm. You'll pass these on the way.  They're about 2 minutes apart.

    • Turn left on the Manila-East Road (with the Shell on the corner) and follow that for another 20-30 minutes, roughly 17 kilometers. You'll see these views on your way.

    •  When you see this spot, kind of like an overlook for Laguna de Bay, it will only be another 2 minutes to the Pililla Wind Farm.

    • Yay! We made it!  You'll know that you're nearing your destination as you come closer and closer to the wind turbines.  

    Now, this is where the fun part begins, although the journey getting here is exciting to say the least.  Here are the things that you can expect when you get there.

    • There are people around to direct you where to park but you'll have to walk to get closer to the wind turbines. At the Overlook Point, there's a Visitor Center for more information on Tanay, Pililla and Rizal.  There's also a snack bar (we bought a yummy choco chip cookie for P50) and a small lounge area.  Restrooms are also available. Oh and don't forget the souvenir stores. :)

    Happy with her cookie
    Tired much?? ;)
    • From this area, we can view the rolling hills toward Laguna de Bay.  Guard rails and warning signs are present to caution visitors against falling off the cliff.  Take care while taking pictures.

    • Now for the wind turbines.  They're awesome to behold.  They're HUGE and the sound they make while the blades spin is kind of creepy but fascinating! These are from the Back (L) and Front (R) of the Visitor Center.

    • These are the other set of wind turbines to the left of the Visitor Area

    •  This is the view of the parking lot and the other set of wind turbines.

    So, that's the Pililia (or sometimes spelled Pililla) Wind Farm.  It was quite a long drive to get there but still, this place is quite different among the other "normal" travel destinations.  And sure, there are also wind turbines in Bangui, Ilocos Norte but not everyone has the capacity, the time nor the inclination to travel that far North.   Here's a short clip of the wind turbines in action:

    But our trip didn't end there.  The kids were quite hungry after all the running around so we headed back to Cafe Katerina for snacks.  We had Mais con Yelo, a Clubhouse Sandwich, an Egg Sandwich and French Fries.  Nobody took photos haha

    Going home, everyone was tired but it was a day well spent.  The Hyundai Tucson was a comfortable, sporty SUV - perfect for this type of trip.  The handling on the curves of the twisty roads of Tanay made you feel like you were in a Gran Turismo challenge haha and it's power allowed Patrick to overtake other cars with ease and safety.

    Oh and we had dinner by the bay.  This was a hole in the wall barbecue place behind the Gloria Maris restaurant at the CCP Complex.  The food was great.  It was quiet since we were the only ones there.  The price was really affordable.. as in! :)

    And so ended our day, tired but enriched. It was a day without gadgets except for our cameras.  Everyone was communicating and joking around.  There were even moments when Dana and Dylan were holding hands and that was a sight to behold. I felt so close to my family today.  I loved it! :)