We watched Captain America Civil War twice!

28- 29 April 2016

Image result for captain america civil warLast April 28, Dana and her friends made plans to hang out in Greenhills.  Seeing as Patrick was out of town, Dylan and I decided to go with her although of course, I told her that when we got there Dylan and I will separate from her and her group.  It turned out that Dylan and I went ahead of them because some of her friends weren't there yet at their meeting place.  I told her to text me when they arrive in Greenhills.

Dylan was excited since it will be the first time he's riding a public bus.  He has ridden a bus before on educational field trips but this was a different situation for him since he felt that he's being extra adventurous :)  He kept asking me where we're getting off, what he'll say to the driver so he can stop the bus and so on and on.

When we arrived at Greenhills, we just went around to pass the time and until we heard from Dana.  Well, we hadn't heard from them at all and since it was lunch time, we just went ahead and ate our lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters.  Good decision too because we were ahead of the regular lunch crowd.  

After that heavy lunch, Dylan and I were ready to go home.  But as I checked my phone, Dana did call but I missed it.  So, I called her and she told me that they needed me to watch the Captain America movie with them since it was rated PG (Parental Guidance).  They weren't allowed to enter the theater unless an adult was present.  So, to make the kids happy, even though I really didn't want to watch now since we were watching the movie tomorrow (we got free tickets), Dylan and I bought tickets to watch with them.

The movie was, as expected, pretty good but Dylan was fidgety for the first part and actually fell asleep for a while (must have been all that walking around).  So ended our day at Greenhills and we all took the bus home.

Anyway, what really made me decide to watch it then was logistics.  We only had 3 tickets for the screening at Gateway.  I figured since I already watched it at Greenhills, then Patrick can watch with the kids in Gateway.  That way, we all would be able to watch it.

But, as it turned out, Patrick had a simultaneous engagement at Solaire and he said he couldn't miss it.  So, I ended up going with the kids again!!

Just to emphasize, for us, going to the movies is a luxury and a privilege and the only time we really get to go is when it's for free, just like in the case with the Gateway screening which was sponsored by Petron and as a motoring journalist, Patrick was invited to attend.  Dana's ticket to the first screening was also a treat for her by her friends.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been able to watch the movie twice and with the kids too!! :)  It's just too bad that Patrick wasn't able to watch the movie...