The Isuzu 4x4 Action Playground at the SM Mall of Asia #IsuzuPhilippines ‪#‎MyIsuzuActionPlaygroundExperience‬

21 April 2016

Today, we attended the opening of the Isuzu 4x4 Action Playground at the Exploreum Parking of the SM Mall of Asia.  The event features both the Isuzu mu-X and the D-Max as they both take on the Slipper Roller, the Articulation Ramp and the Action Playground's Highlight - the 20ft Thrill Hill, a 40 degree Transverse Angle Ramp.  The obstacle course showcases the powerful engines (163 PS maximum output and 380Nm maximum torque) of both vehicles and everyone is invited to participate from April 21-24, 10AM to 9PM.

Present at the opening was Mr. Hajime Koso, President of Isuzu Philipines, who encouraged everyone that the ride was safe, secure and thrilling!  The event itself was just one of the many legs in a nationwide campaign to bring the Isuzu brand, particularly the D-Max and mu-X variants, to the public.

President Hajime Koso and VP Art Balmadrid 
Looking at how high and how narrow that ramp is, it's enough to give anyone chills.  However, since the President of Isuzu Philippines gave it his thumbs up and was even the first to give it a go, who are we to turn down such a fantastic opportunity? :)  

If you want to ride either the Isuzu D-Max or the mu-X, you have to visit the briefing area, fill out a waiver form and wait for your turn.  Since today was the first day, we didn't wait long, although there's an age restriction - only 13 years old and above are allowed to ride, I'll explain why in a while.  So, here we are waiting for our turn at the waiting/briefing area.  We were told that they (Isuzu) will be recording every Thrill Ride so that the passengers can concentrate on the ride.  Also, passengers won't be able to take pictures at all because they will simply be hanging on to the vehicle during the course of the ride.  Isuzu Philippines posted a few photos of the "obstacle course" and what to expect on their Facebook page here if you want to check them out.  

Then, it was our turn.  Patrick and Dana rode the Isuzu D-Max while Dylan and I watched and took pictures and video from the sidelines.

Starting point
Slipper Roller
Slipper Roller

At this point it was a bit far away to take pictures so I missed shots of the Isuzu D-Max on the Articulation Ramp.  As Dana relayed the experience, this was the part where they were tilted so far to the right that they were practically lying on their respective doors!  Just to give you a perspective, Dana was seated on the right side at the back while Patrick was seated on the front passenger side.

After the Articulation Ramp, the most exciting part began - the climb to and descent from the 20ft high 40 degree angle ramp in either the D-Max or the mu-X.  They both said that at the steepest angle, it felt like they were going to be splattered on the windshield! They were inclined so high they were practically standing inside the vehicle!  It was pretty hair-raising! It was true that you couldn't take pictures or videos while on the ride because you'll be hanging on for dear life!!! :)  But the rush is totally worth it. :)

Once you've gained your breath back, the ride is over and you'll have an opportunity for a souvenir photo.  We took our own photos at the Isuzu display/stage :)

The attendees were invited for dinner at Italiani's after.  We enjoyed the servings of the buffet! Yummy!

Then, to cap off the evening, we walked around the SM MOA Baywalk area.  Dylan remarked, "What is this place?  I've never been here before!"  There were a number of rides and plenty of food kiosks.  The kids enjoyed it. :)

I just want to express our Thanks to President Koso, Ms. Nora and the rest of the Isuzu team for being so gracious with us.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely! More power and we look forward to more exciting events in the future! :)