Dana's Graduation Day and Dylan's Birthday

18 March 2016

Today marks the end of Dana's elementary school life.  I can't believe that time has flown so quickly that Dana is now finished with elementary and will now be embarking on her High School journey.  Still, this is a milestone in our family's life and we're just so proud of her for making it this far.  Congratulations Dana! :)

On another note, today is also Dylan's birthday so it's a double celebration for our family! :)  Happy birthday Dylan!

Dana's graduation was scheduled at 230PM in her school.  The morning was dedicated to the graduation ceremony for the Kindergarten students and recognition ceremonies for the undergrad classes.  So we had the whole morning to prep for her event.  Honestly, it never occurred to me to take Dana to the salon for Hair and Makeup.  Instead, I just did it for her and I think it came out well.  I didn't want her to have too much makeup on since she's really still young enough so this is what we ended up with.  I think she's still beautiful :)

We had some time before we needed to be at school so we took some photos at home :)

When everyone was ready, we headed to the school.  We were a bit early, which was good, and people were still setting up.  We got her corsage and pinned it on and she took photos with her classmates who were already there.  

Then, it was time to gather outside the auditorium.  I was amazed at her classmates (and their parents!) who were totally dressed to the hilt and looked like they spent the whole morning at the salon :)  The most that I did for Dana was fishtail-braided her hair which in the end she took down.  More pictures taken with her classmates while in line and finally we all proceeded to the auditorium for the mass and the rest of the graduation ceremony.

The event went smoothly and quickly since there were only 30+ of them graduating.  Dana went on stage to receive her Diploma and again, for her medals - Gold Loyalty Award and Outstanding Cyber Whiz Club Member.

After the awarding ceremony, the Graduates performed a Thank You song number on stage.  Then everyone was enjoined for the traditional class picture.  We didn't have this when I graduated so that's something :) 

Then the festivities were over.  Everyone took the time for pictures and then dispersed to their own respective family celebrations.  I was kind of surprised that there wasn't much crying or teary-eyed moments compared to my time, but I guess it's because they're connected on their Facebook and Instagram accounts so it's not like they're going to stop communicating just because they're going their separate ways.

Now, it's not just Dana's graduation that we were celebrating.  It was also Dylan's birthday and because of these two special events, we voted on dining at Charlie's Grind and Grill in Ortigas for a treat.  And oh man, were we starving! :) We only had a light lunch before Dana's graduation and the ceremony ended close to dinner time so we were really hungry! :D Dylan was already complaining at the school hehe

If you want to see Dana up on stage receiving her Diploma and awards, please watch below: Thanks !