Joaquin's Baptism and Tracy's birthday

28 February 2016

Well, it's Sunday and today was my nephew's son, Joaquin's baptism.  Dana, Dylan and I traveled by ourselves all the way to Fairview/Caloocan to attend the event and the travel was an adventure too.  We had to take an FX to get there because Patrick was still in Bohol and I didn't know how to drive so we couldn't take Stanley.

We rode an FX from UST all the way to my sister Sharon's house.  I had a written the directions she had given us when we went to her house before just in case we got lost.  For a long while, everything was cool.  Then, the FX turned at a street and that made me sit upright.  That wasn't on the instructions.  And then it hit me.  The instructions Sharon gave us were for driving in a private vehicle.  We were traveling via public transportation and the followed a different route!

I kept calm and just focused my attention on the road trying to familiarize myself with the area.  Dylan and Dana were asleep by that time (it was a long drive).  Then, I saw SM Fairview and I remembered my sister saying that they were quite close to it so I felt reassured.  Checked my instructions for the street names and was finally relieved when the FX turned on the Zabarte street which was were we should have been had we taken a car.  It was just a matter of time before we were at our destination.  I saw the final landmark before we were to get off.  Then I made a mistake.  We got off too soon because what I thought was the subdivision gate was not it.  We walked quite a bit until we did see the actual subdivision sign.  Walking on the road was scary because there was hardly any sidewalk!  It was just a short walk to the house and when we got there, my sister was surprised because she expected us to text her so she could fetch us from the entrance haha She was actually getting worried because we hadn't sent any messages. :)

So, everyone was having lunch by that time.  We sat down and had ours as well while my sister and I caught up with each other.

Tracy also had her 4th birthday last 26th :)

The kids naturally finished first and were having fun together.

There was also videoke as is the norm in any Filipino celebration and Dylan couldn't be stopped :)

Later, his Tito Jowell brought out this contraption and well, you could see how much he's enjoyed it :)

Here's a video of the first time he was allowed to ride it.

Dana also got a chance to ride a bike, well, her Tito Jowell tried teaching her how to ride one hehehe

We took a break outside to watch the kids and here's a selfie (I really need to get the hang of this!).

Joaquin is such a calm baby :)  It was also so easy to make him smile :)

We were planning on leaving early so we wouldn't get caught in traffic but Patrick got home early from his trip to Bohol and was on his way so we stayed until the evening.  We even got to take home leftovers! :)  Thanks Sha and Jowell for inviting us. Happy birthday Sha!  Happy birthday Tracy! Welcome to the Christian world Joaquin! :)