Happy New Year 2016!

01 January 2016

Wow! It's 2016! Time to get used to writing that in all documents with a date on it haha  We welcomed the New Year from our home.  Dylan was asleep though we tried to wake him up :) Let me make a recap of 2015...

Our 2015 has been a full and busy year.  Most of our events have been with family - Staycation with Stevie's family at the start of the year; a visit with Tadeo relatives in Tarlac; Luke's Baptism;  Paypon-Jose get-together; Hannah's 7th birthday; and, Grayson's Baptism.  There are also a lot of events with close friends -  BP reunion, Sole's Baby Shower, a Marikina Food Trip with Lily, screening of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight; viewing of Rak of Aegis; Daniel's 1st Birthday; Orvin's birthday and Luna and Tala's birthdays.  There were also milestones in our professional careers - Patrick's Full Throttle TV show and my Adventure 4x Magazine stint.  Some memorable highlights like the Trip to Subic for Full Throttle and being able to ride a mega-sized yacht and being with Apl de Ap for his shoot with Full Throttle!!

With all these events and celebrations going on, you'd be surprised to know that we were almost always broke during most of them! We don't honestly know how we managed but with the grace of family and friends, we survived.  Patrick and I have had really difficult times throughout all these though it may not appear to be so because of all these moments.

I truly hope that 2016 continues to bring more moments like these AND may we be able to move up from our current predicament so it doesn't seem so bleak at times.

Happy New Year to Everyone !

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