2015 Christmas Day

25 December 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The day started bright and early despite the late night we had.  I was first to be up and about since my biological clock unfailingly wakes me up at 630AM every day.  I sorted out the gifts we received last night on the bed so that when the kids wake up, they'll be ready to be unwrapped :)

Having had my haircut a couple of days ago, I felt it was a blowdry kind of day, you know, just to get in the mood for Christmas day.  I wasn't sure if people were going to drop by and it would be better if we looked somewhat presentable :)

When the kids woke up, I prepared our breakfast of Fiesta Ham, Queso de Bola and Hot Chocolate given by really well-meaning relatives :)  It was such a hearty breakfast!

I had a bit of time adding to the pile of gifts waiting for the kids.  I brought down our gifts to them as well as some that were handed to me by my Aunt :)  They both enjoyed opening their presents and couldn't wait to play with their toys and gadgets.  Thank you to everyone who remembered us :)

Dana's favorites: Rainbow Dash and Doctor Who

After lunchtime, my sister and her family dropped by.  We were supposed to go to their house this Christmas but plans changed and they ended up coming over.  It was the first time for us to see the new addition to the family, Joaquin, Jianne's son.   

Justin, Kristel, Jianne and Joaquin
My sister Sha and Joaquin
Joaquin sleeps with his eyes open! :)
It was dinnertime when I got ready to prepare our food.  It was okay to be eating late because of that filling breakfast and just having snacks throughout the day.  We got most of our ingredients from Shopwise Araneta Cubao and I was so pleased when they offered a 50% discount on their Prego sauce.  I really love this brand of spaghetti sauce because it's so rich, aromatic and delicious! From P320, they were on sale for P160!  I was also excited to try out our new baking dish, also from Shopwise.  They had a promo where you get a stamp for every P600 purchase and you use these stamps to redeem your choice of glass bakeware.  You need to complete 5 stamps and add a corresponding peso value for the bakeware that you like.  You can choose from 6 types of products.  I chose the square dish with lid as you can see from the photo.  I used it to cook Baked Macaroni.

To complete the meal, we also bought Marca Pina Parmesan cheese and Village Gourmet's seasoned soft breadsticks.

Our Christmas celebration is simple by anyone's standards but what makes it special is that we were with family and close friends.  Giving gifts is a pleasure and receiving them is a privilege.  We truly appreciate all those who have wished us well not just during the holidays but all throughout our lives.  Christmas is just the holiday that brings that gratitude and acknowledgment to the fore more than ever.

Merry Christmas to everybody!

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