Dana's new phone from SMART: The MyPhone my28

05 January 2016

Dana's old phone (and I mean old because it was mine before it cascaded down to her) died a few months ago.  We've always meant to replace it mainly for the convenience of communicating with her during emergencies and for after school.  It was just a question of when and how much.  The answer came when Patrick showed me a promo that Smart launched recently for a Smartphone Android Kit worth P888 with the MyPhone my28 as the handset.  Fortunately, Dana also had the finances to carry it through because of what she got for Christmas.  So, we went and bought one for her.


Naturally, I was immediately intrigued by the promo since it was relatively cheap for a smartphone at P888 so I checked out the website and found out more about the deal, as shown in the picture below (as taken from the Smart website).  What sold me was the fact that it was already a Quad Core phone and it had 8GB of Internal Memory.  Plus, one can't complain about the additional 100MB of free Internet every month for a year.  I wasn't worried about the limit because Dana will use the phone mostly at home where there's Wi-Fi so she isn't likely to consume more than her Mobile Data allocation.  

The MyPhone m28 had the following specifications, as taken from the MyPhone website:  As you can see, it's more than enough for her needs.

At first, we went to SM City Sta. Mesa as it was the nearest Smart Store we could go to.  But, when we got there, we were told that they ran out of stock but will be replenished the next day.  I was a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to getting Dana that phone.  And then, I thought, "Why not go to Robinsons Manila where they also had a Smart Store, maybe they have stocks there?" As it was a bit early in the afternoon (we went straight from fetching Dana from school), we headed straight to Robinsons Manila and yay! they did have stocks!  In fact, while I was buying the phone there were two more people waiting for their turn to get their phones too.

The process was simple enough.  There was a dedicated salesperson handling the promo.  We signed up with her and were then directed to the cashier to pay for the phone.  The cashier then handed us the phone (we chose a Blue one) and we were supposed to go back to the girl we signed up with so that she can test the phone for us.  She checked the earphones, the charger and the USB cable.  Everything was in working condition.

We couldn't wait to get home and check the phone out :)

 When we got home, Patrick and Dana got to work setting up the phone.  He showed Dana how to insert the SIM's and basically just gave a rundown on the security precautions when using a smartphone.  After, Dana was left to her own devices and she immediately plugged in her music and playlist and began to download her apps :)

I think I want one too! :D