SCC's "It's Beginning to Look-A-Like Christmas"

04 December 2015

Today, Dylan and I went to Dana's school for their "It's Beginning to Look-A-Like Christmas" program. I mistakenly thought they were holding a look-a-like competition among the students but it turned out that the school invited "Look-a-Like" celebrities from an upcoming show called "Let's Mall In".  The event was very entertaining to say the least!

I try to attend most of the kids' school activities.  They usually have programs, celebrations and special events that the students prepare for.  I like being part of that, even if I'll be just attending because it is always refreshing to see how the kids are in the school's environment.  I get to meet their friends and teachers and there's always a festive spirit about.  When Dana mentioned that there was a program at school, okay I thought it was just the regular thing but Dylan and I made plans to go even then because we got tickets anyway.

The program started around 4PM.  There were the usual singing and dancing performances by the students.  Today was a bit more special because Dana's classmate, Trisha, performed.  The whole class was up on their feet and cheering her on.  Everyone participated in the singing too ! It was such a fun performance.

Then, I was puzzled to hear the emcee introduce "Mark Logan" and Janet Napoles".   I was like, "What?!" It turned out that, yes, it was going to be a program with celebrity look-a-likes and not with students as I originally thought.  The hosts were Marc Kalogan (as Mark Logan) and Janet Napoles Kalokalike (as Janet Napoles).   These celebrity lookalikes were, to my understanding, winners of the Kalokalike segment from a local TV show, "It's Showtime".  As I was not familiar with them because I hardly watch TV, I could not relate but didn't worry about it and just enjoyed the show.

Marc and Janet interacting with their audience
Selfie during a lull in the program
After Marc and Janet got the ball rolling and the students hyped up, the next celebrities stepped up to perform.  First up was "Derek Clumsy", the lookalike of local TV celebrity Derek Ramsey.  The students were going crazy especially when he interacted with their teacher! :D

I wasn't able to take clear pictures of Apl de Half (as Apl de Ap), Galak9 (as Gloc9) and Vice Ganern (as Vice Ganda) so I didn't want to post them any more.  The afternoon turned into evening and the kids were still full of energy.     

The became even more hyper when Daniel Patilla (as Daniel Padilla) came out.  You would think that he's the real deal when you hear the screaming fans haha His partner, the lookalike of Kathryn Bernardo, also came out and they sang a song together.

Now, it was surprising that Dana got caught up in the moment despite not knowing who these local celebrities were but I was glad that she enjoyed herself.

The final act was the promotion of their new show on TV called "Let's Mall In" on IBC-13.  All in all it was a fun evening.

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