Celebrating Luna's 4th and Tala's 3rd Birthdays

29 November 2015

Today, we attended the double birthday celebration of Luna and Tala at McDonald's Blue Ridge.
I was a little worried that we couldn't attend the girls' party because Dylan had been sick in the past few days.  I hate backing out when I've already said we would be attending. But when Saturday came and he was a little better, I knew that we would make it.  

I was also a bit apprehensive because we would be going to the party without Patrick since he usually drives and is more knowledgeable about going to and from places (in other words, driver! haha)  If we took a cab, the driver might drive us around in a circuitous route and I wouldn't even notice.  So, I asked our P4 family if we could hitch a ride with them in going to the venue.  Yay! We could! Problem solved.  It was easier going to P4 since I'm more familiar with the route.

So, we three immediately set out for Cubao in the morning.  We took the LRT-2 train because it was faster and more comfortable.  They had a new ticketing system where you just tap the card at the turnstile.  Before, you have to insert the card and get it back before you could enter.  Dylan was very excited to ride :)

In Cubao, we walked around Farmers Plaza in search of a plaid shirt for Dana and some gift ideas for friends for Christmas.  We had lunch at Karate Kid and we tried out their new Mura Ito meals, P99 for chicken, fish, pork, squid with teriyaki sauce and rice and a drink.  I knew Dylan was still recovering because he couldn't finish his meal.  Dana enjoyed the chicken.  I chose the fish and it was good too.

After this we went to P4 at 3PM.  We didn't want to be late and cause them to be late too.  By the time we got there, they were still preparing :)

On to the party!  We arrived at McDonald's as they were setting up so we just sat down at one of the tables.  The younger kids immediately went to play in the activity area so the mommies and the daddies had time to talk and catch up.

 Bito gave some welcome remarks :)

Then everyone sang Happy Birthday!

The guests participated in the games.  A hilarious "Hep Hep McDo" game got everyone with stitches on their sides.  "The longest belt" was a competitive yet funny game that revealed who wears the longest belt hahaha  The kids were also asked to bring the "Most Beautiful Mommy" and they ended up singing the "Lupang Hinirang".  The picture below was the game "Arrange Yourselves according to..."  It was such a fun game as you can see from the photos.  The guests were asked to sort themselves according to waist line figures, number of ex-bf's and ex-gf's, first letter of their first names and then last letter of their last names, and then finally their ages.  Everyone had a blast! 

After the games, everyone got seated to eat.  There was so much food!  We were all served Chicken and McSpaghetti, McChicken sandwiches, Quarter Pounder and French Fries, Drinks (Soda and Orange Juice) and Sundaes so thick you can turn them upside down and they won't drip! Yummy!

Everyone became excited when Grimace came out!  Sole especially loved him coz he was so soft hahaha

We had so much fun because we were in the company of family and friends.  The party continued on at P4 with the younger kids playing in one room, the teen-aged kids in another and the adults just drank wine and beer.

Happy birthday Luna and Tala and Thank You for inviting us to celebrate with you.  Love you both!

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