2015 Christmas with the Escalante-Aguilos Family

2015 Christmas Eve

As is our tradition, Patrick, the kids and I went to the Aguilos Christmas Eve gathering, this time held in Urdaneta.  The family, collectively called P4 because of the Escalante home in Project 4 was the original site of THE gathering, is growing larger and fit much more comfortably in the home in Urdaneta :)  We arrived around 1030PM to see the party in full swing.  Gifts were being exchanged, stories were being told and people were partaking of the great feast on the table.  We brought pork adobo as our contribution :)

We paid our respects to the hosts and basically made our way to the buffet table haha The great thing about being here is how comfortable I am to be with them even though technically they're not my family.  But, you know, we may not be bound by blood but our love for each other is genuine.  And that's more than what other families even have.

We spent the night mingling and chatting, eating and chatting, sometimes all at the same time :)  Dana and Tamara found the perfect spot for bonding on Sole's area.  Sole meanwhile found a new playmate in Dylan :)

The adults played a game of White Elephant.  This was a first for me so it was entertaining to say the least.  Each of the families prepared 2 gifts to start with.  Then a representative from each family will choose a card form the deck.  Ace gives you the chance to pick out 4 gifts from all the gifts laid out from each of the families. King, Queen and Jack gives you 3, 2, and 1 gift(s) respectively.  If you're unlucky and get a number card, you don't get to pick.  It was fun because we didn't know what was inside the gifts, unless for those that were quite obvious like wine bottles and envelopes of cash hehe though technically we didn't know if it was really cash inside hahaha The game went on until we finished the deck.  Those wine bottles certainly made their rounds! The winner of the game was ultimately the one with the most gifts :)

After that entertaining break, it was time for the family group photo.  We missed Bito and her family because they're in Cebu celebrating the anniversary of Mano's parents :)

It was great to see old friends Charlie, Patrick and Johann together :) As usual, they're all in black haha Johann is back in the country on a break from Australia :)

As the night deepened (or the day brightened), the chatter slowly dissipated as people started going home - happy, full, loved :)

Merry Christmas everyone! :)