Went to the Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale

23 December 2015

I appreciate blogs that regularly post about sales and bargain deals that happen in Metro Manila.  It gives us a lot of choices for shopping and saving.  Just like the other day when I was scouting for sales because my sister wanted to know where they are.  I found a link that pointed to "The Big Christmas Blowout Warehouse Sale" and I sort of went into panic mode because I only had a few days to go and visit.  On the last day, we managed to travel to Pasig and check out the sale.

Traffic was pretty ok at the time that we traveled, except that on the way, we failed to turn right at Raymundo Street and had to go and make a U-Turn the long way round to get back on track.  When we got back on the right road, we almost missed the huge blue gate because the gate was open and there was a truck barring it.  Then we didn't know where to park since we saw inside that there were a lot of trucks and we doubted that we were at the right place.

I got down, went into the compound and verified if that was indeed the venue for the Scholastic Book Warehouse sale.  And yes, it was but we had to drive further into the compound since the sale was at the back end.  So we did and we noticed that there were signs when you get near the venue.

Anyway, I don't know why I expected to see a warehouse-full of books hehe But I was kind of disappointed to see only a fraction of what I expected.  Most of the P20 books were the "old" ones, meaning they looked old, like the pages were yellowed.  Some of them were series books, like the Cinderella Cleaners Books 1-5 and random book parts of other series (too many to mention).  The P50 books were underwhelming titles.

The P150 books were the newer series that looked to be newer copies too.  

The books that I was hoping to buy were the Geronimo Stilton books.  They were on sale at 15% discount, so still roughly P242.  There were some Harry Potter and Insurgent books that were at 50% off too.

There were also a lot of craft books for young kids and teens.

Some of the books that were there we already had copies of so we didn't really get to buy much.  Just the ones shown below.

I hope they have more books next time because I don't want to travel all that way and not be able to buy anything at all. 

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