Events: Hannah's 7th Birthday Party

03 October 2015

Kids grow up so fast and we couldn't believe that Stevie's only daughter, Hannah, is turning 7.  When we celebrated the baptism of Luke last July, Toni mentioned Hannah's wishes of having a rockstar-themed birthday party.  It looks like her wishes came true!  Her party was held at the Loyola Grand Villas Clubhouse and it was really a day to be remembered!

When we arrived, the party was already in full swing.  We were late because we got trapped in the traffic along Katipunan. Toni was there to greet us and immediately gave us food stubs to use with the food carts - hotdogs, ice cream and french fries.   It took a while for Dylan and Tracy to acclimate themselves because they were overwhelmed by the sounds of activity, the music and the presence of so much food! :)

When the kids were asked to come up on stage to sing for the birthday girl, they were able to overcome their shyness and willingly went.  Meanwhile, Patrick took the time to carry and bond with Baby Luke who has grown so much since we last saw him.

More games were held but Dylan and Tracy weren't interested hahaha They just took the time to browse the food carts.  Dylan was excited to trade his food stubs because this process was new to him :)

French Fries and Ice Cream
Candy Buffet
They also discovered the Face Painting and Hair and Makeup Studio at the corner of the venue.  Naturally, they couldn't wait for their turn.  Good thing most of the kids have had their turn and were busy eating their kids' meals :)

Patrick and I got our share from the buffet table while the kids had their own special kids' meals.

There were more games and entertainment while the guests ate.  Funny enough, the magician we saw perform at Daniel's 1st birthday was the same magician performing at Hannah's party! :)  Toni also hired a group called "Jive" as hosts and guest performers.  They got the kids to perform for the birthday girl! :)

After an exhilarating dance number, the kids were asked to fall in line to receive their souvenir packages.  Girls first and then boys :)  Thank you Hannah! :D  Thank you Tita Toni and Tito Stevie! :D

The kids took a picture with the birthday cake and of course, with Hannah.

As the guests left after the party, we stayed behind to wait with Toni and Hannah.  Stevie first had to bring home Luke and Lance and most of the stuff from the party.  The kids played with the remaining balloons and walked outside the venue.  

We all had so much fun!  Happy birthday Hannah!! :)

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