A Full Day with the Mazda MX-5 and the 55 Meter World Explorer Ark Angel

11 October 2015

After a late night at Tita Gigi's birthday party, Patrick and I set out at 6AM to be in Subic for the Full Throttle Season Ender shoot.  We were also test driving the Mazda MX-5, a really cool car, so it was a day meant for adventure and fun.  The itinerary as far as I knew was that they were shooting at the Subic
International Airport and on a yacht.  As to the details, you will be surprised as I was when they unfolded before me :)

We were driving along the SCTEX when we found out that the production team was delayed in Manila so we had time to cruise around Subic and enjoy the great handling qualities of the MX-5 we called "Casper". It was an experience driving around with the top down.  It felt so free! :) We stopped along a stretch in the SCTEX to take pictures of Casper too.  When we arrived in Subic, we went to the duty free shops but postponed buying anything edible because they might be spoiled when left in the trunk and in the heat.  We thought we had time for it later, but we were wrong... Stay Tuned!

So we finally took a break for lunch when it seemed that the people we're supposed to meet up with were still tied up.  We ate at Xtremely Xpresso although we did consider eating at Meat Plus Cafe.  After that, we proceeded to the Subic International Airport where we found some of the team wrapping up.  We were told to go to the Subic Yacht Club to meet the others.  When we got there, they weren't there.  hmm.. 

Eventually, we were told to go to the HYS Fisherman's Wharf.  When we asked at the Subic Bay Yacht Club, they had no idea where that was LOL  The great thing was they really went all out to help us out so Thank You!  From the directions we were given at the SBYC, we were able to find Fisherman's Wharf.  It turned out that we were supposed to be looking for the HYS Yachts Office along Fisherman's Wharf.  Boy, were Patrick and I shocked when we saw what we were boarding!!

Picture courtesy of HYS Yachts
Rhian Ramos and Sam YG were the first people we saw that clued us in that we were in the right place.  The Super Yacht was named Ark Angel and you can read more about it here. Basically, it is a 55 meter world explorer capable of traveling in superior comfort, style and safety. :) This opportunity was one for the bucket list, so, naturally, Patrick and I didn't waste any time taking pictures haha This vessel is representative of how things are when you're wealthy :)

The thing was, we just thought that we'd shoot on the yacht and that's it.  Well, things changed and we ended up actually going out to sea on it and it was fabulous! :)  Patrick and I walked around on deck and ended up going to the bridge to speak with Captain John Kidwell who's such a friendly and affable guy.  I learned so much in such a short time.  It was a memorable experience.

Rhian and Sam's challenge for the episode was shot on the yacht while it was headed to the next location.  

Funny story:  I was trapped in the bathroom while they started to shoot.  I wasn't aware that they were about to start shooting when I went in.  As I was going out, I could hear a flurry of activity and someone shouting, "Okay, ready to shoot in 3, 2, 1!"  Well, when you hear that, I'm sure you'd do the same and not get out, right? haha  So, when I heard silence outside I figured they moved on to a different part of the ship and it was safe to get out.  In a few seconds, I heard Rhian running up on the deck headed to where I was hiding and Boom!  I was caught like a deer in the headlights!! She was surprised but was quick on her toes and asked, "Have you seen a flag anywhere?" to which I followed through with "I'm sorry I can't help you there"  hahahaha 

I thought that was done.  I wanted to follow the crew down when they went but they told me to stay put so I did.    Then it was Sam I could hear running.  And we had to do the same thing as Rhian.  He was surprised to see me there too.  When that was done and Sam moved to a different area, I rushed down and started looking for everyone.  I'm sure they're going to edit those parts out anyway LOL

There was a lull in the shooting as the team prepared the next items on the agenda.  Everyone was just relaxing and basically getting out of the team's way.  Patrick had fun taking selfies :)  My phone died and so did my power bank boohoo so I wasn't able to take more selfies.  The camera we brought was left in the car and the car was at the port LOL

The rest of the time, the executives lounged about in each other's company.  It was just entertaining to watch them, especially when the sun was setting and the atmosphere changed from hectic to relaxing.  Granted there was some booze involved and plenty of food so that added to the ambience too

It was around 8PM and after dinner when people (those who wanted to leave early) were transported to the hotel across the way.  The Ark Angel would be anchored at sea for the night so there was a boat waiting to take us to land.  We did have a minor issue because we left Casper at the port which was 45 minutes away by car.  We initially thought that the Ark Angel will be going back to port after her run.  We also thought that we could hitch a ride with one of the vans that the crew used because the vans were already at the hotel.  But we were saved by Capt. John who graciously arranged transport for us back to port.  That was so nice of him and so accommodating that I wish he can read this so he knows how much we both appreciated the gesture.   

Here we were waiting for our turn on the RHIB (Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat) (or at least that's what we called it)  that was our transport back to land.  It was good that we were both wearing shorts because the water level near the beach was supposed to be thigh-high.  

Ready to cast off
Rear of Ark Angel
Starboard Side of Ark Angel
Thus ends a busy, fun, exhilarating, exhausting, memorable, one for the books, kind of day.  A great many thanks to Foilacar Industries for sponsoring this luxurious day.  Shout out to Captain John Kidwell for being such a gracious host on board the Ark Angel.  Congratulations to Full Throttle for capping off their season with this episode!  Can't wait to watch it!

Oh and before I end, Ark Angel is currently for sale!  So, if anyone's interested, just contact HYS Yachts for details. :)

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