Celebrating Orvin's birthday

It's the tail end of October and we we had another event to go to.  It was Orvin's birthday and he specifically mentioned in his invitation that it will be a videoke party.  The kids were so looking forward to it and we made it a point to arrive early.

We arrived after a relatively speedy drive and Caloy was already there setting up his electric guitar.  When Orvin finished setting up his drum set, here's what happened.  Here's a video of them testing their equipment.

The best thing about arriving before any other guests is the chance to catch up with the host before he becomes swamped with hospitality duties.  So here we are just chillin' and enjoying the company.  Dylan actually got to try playing the drums but he got scared hehe

We were told that it was an eat and drink all you can feast so yeah! Let's get it on hahaha  Dylan went straight for the shimps, his favorite!

When the other guests arrived as the night deepened, the videoke started up.  Orvin took charge and lit up the room! :D  

Patrick and Caloy enjoying the moment :) BFF's since they were kids. :)

The kids had their turn too.  Dylan was actually more into it.  Dana was a little shy.  Dylan got to sing his favorite songs:  Everything Counts, Take On Me, Rolling in the Deep, Basang-Basa sa Ulan and Just the Way You Are.  Now, as I write this, Dylan has a raspy voice from all the singing hahaha

Watch Dylan sing the theme from Frozen.  When Josie plugged in the music, he didn't hesitate to grab the mic haha What a boy! :D

A selfie after all that singing.  Actually, this was also one for the bucket list as I've never really participated in any videoke before.  Sure, I've attended gatherings where there was a videoke setup but I've always been content to watch and listen to others sing.  This time, I dived in and sang a couple of tunes too hahaha

I was amazed at how great a guitar player Caloy is.  I've heard from Patrick that Caloy really was talented but I've never witnessed it first hand.  Last night was the first time I've seen him play.  He accompanied the videoke music and it was awesome!! haha Gives a different dimension to the videoke tunes especially when they started singing rock tunes, like Sweet Child of Mine and Bohemian Rhapsody. :D 

Have a listen when they played their last real all-out music, Beep Beep by Juan dela Cruz band.  Forgive the sound, I guess the loud volume interfered with the quality of the recording.

Too bad that Dana had school and exams the next day.  We didn't want the night to end because we were all having too much fun.  :)  But, unfortunately, we had to leave.  

Thank you to Orvin and Josie for inviting us and preparing a wonderful celebration.  It was also great to meet new people - Orvin's mountaineering friends.  Videoke singing is a great way to bond hahaha  We all had a great time!  

Happy birthday Orvin!! :)

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