Grayson Lucas' Baptism

17 October 2015

Another event to fill our October weekends is the Baptism of Grayson Lucas, the son of my cousin Joann and her husband Gabz.  The christening happened at the St. Peter Parish in QC while the reception was held at the King Bee restaurant in Commonwealth.  It was a simple gathering of family and friends with lots of sumptuous Chinese food.

While prepping for the day, we found out that there will be major roadworks in the area not to mention an incoming storm so we knew we had to leave early to make it on time.  We left the house at 3PM.  Ordinarily, the trip should be around 30-45 minutes.  Wow.  Just getting out of the house and onto the main road took that much time.  It took another hour to maneuver from Espana to Commonwealth.  We got lost looking for the restaurant because it was dark out despite us checking Google maps.  That took another 15 minutes.  Finally, we arrived.

We spent the time chatting with and catching up with family.  Cathy also experienced dengue with her son Pio at about the same time as Dana.  Man, that dengue virus sure gets around.  We waited as more people arrived and then finally it was time to fall in line for the buffet! yum! Can't wait! :D

Joann and Gabz chose their entrees well :) There was Fried rice, pancit, beef, lumpiang shanghai, fried chicken, and pork asado (I think).  I really loved the pancit and lumpia :D

Before the food
There's the food!
Hug of a Lifetime
The best part about the event was that it was all relaxed and cozy.  Eat as much as you want while chatting with your family.  There's no rush and the cool weather was also a plus.  The simplicity is what I appreciated.  The point was to celebrate Lucas' entry into the Christian world and we're all just there to have a good time.  As you can see Baby Lucas was tuckered out :)

Baby Lucas
Dessert was a collaboration between Joann and Cathy who baked the cookies and cupcakes. :)  They were really good!  Took home a few of them too hahaha

Oatmeal Choco Chip cookies by Joann
Tita Cathy and Dylan
Cathy baked these cutie goodies!
Enjoying himself
 At the end of the day, it was a fun gathering.  Thank you Jops and Gabz for inviting us :)

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