Dana's trip to UST Museum

Today was Dana's last day of exams and start of the Undas break in school.  We thought it was the perfect time to visit my friend Maita at the UST Museum.  We've always planned on going especially since Dana wasn't able to go the first time Dylan and I went there.  This time, Maita also had special gifts for Dana in the form of My Little Pony goodies which were more than an incentive for us to go.

Maita gave us a tour around the Museum and Dana was overwhelmed with information! But that was great because it gave her so much more meaning than just being able to look at the exhibits.  Here are some photos we took, unfortunately, my phone, old as it is, malfunctioned and we weren't able to take pictures of the paintings in the Gallery and the religious relics in the other wing.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Animals native to the Philippines
Palm Civet
 When Maita was called away, we took a slower route around the Museum and wished we had more time.  We also wished that UST can expand their Museum because there was so much more hidden away in the warehouse (as we were told) :)

The day ended with a tasty treat from Krispy Kreme's #MadForMonsters Halloween donuts.

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