A Day at the 2015 Toyota Vios Cup Season 2

One of the best things about Patrick's job as a motoring journalist and now producer of a motoring TV show is that the kids are exposed to events that are not on the normal list of things to do.  Take for instance today's adventure - experiencing the activities at the 2015 Toyota Vios Cup Season 2 at the SM Mall of Asia.

We arrived somewhat early at the SM Mall of Asia grounds for Day 2 of the Vios Cup.  Day 1 was spent on Qualifying races - still exciting but we had a previous engagement.  The event was open to the Public and at the entrance, they will hand you these foldable fans, caps and signs and stamp you with the logo of Toyota.  It was a bummer that Patrick was the only one allowed in the VIP section (because he's Media and that's his ID) but we still took time to go around the spacious grounds until we felt tired from the heat.

Since Patrick had to go and do his thing, we left the event for a while and had lunch on our own.  We took care of some business as well and it was around 3pm by the time we came back.  At that time, Race 2 of the Promotional Class was ongoing.  We parked ourselves on the bleachers and watched as the cars sped by us in a dizzying display of speed.  The air smelled of burnt rubber afterwards, uggh! hehehe

Check out the videos:
Promotional Class Starting lap
Widening Gap between Promotional Class
Promotional Class (Different Angle) at the corner of Palm Coast Drive

After, Patrick texted us that the celebrity racers were getting ready for their event. Sam YG was in the lead in Car 6, Phoemela Baranda was in Car 12, Jinno Rufino in Car 10, Fabio Ide in Car 5, and Joyce Pring in Car 7.

See how they performed here:
Celebrity Class Lined up at the Starting Line
Celebrity Class revving up their motors
Celebrity Class Initial Lap at the corner of Palm Coast Drive
Celebrity Class Widening gap at the corner of Palm Coast Drive
Only 4 cars left in the Celebrity Class

When it became apparent that Sam YG was going to win, we went to the Kiddie area so the kids can have some try out these huge structures.

I was so proud of Dylan for trying out that Wall Climbing rig not just once but twice!  The first time he had difficulty managing and was getting confused about where to put his feet and hands.  But the second time he tried it, he managed it so well and finished faster! Way to go Dylan! :)

They also tried out the high slide.  Dylan was able to climb up first.  He was instructed to put his hands over his chest but I guess he didn't understand Kuya hehe But he said it was exciting!  Tracy and Dana had a harder time going up because Tracy was getting scared.  But they did manage to make it but I think they bounced their way down LOL

Dylan also tried the enclosed trampoline.  He had so much fun here hahaha Tracy got scared when she went in.

We were able to secure another VIP for Dana and she and her Dad went to the VIP section for pictures.  After some time, we followed them and found out that the public can now enter the pit stop so we did and we were just in time for some pictures with Fabio Ide and Sam YG.  Dana got her chance ahead of us.

Too bad we couldn't stay for the awarding ceremonies.  The kids were so tired and were practically nodding off by the time we finished.  But it was a really good day!! Congrats to all the winners and participants! I'm sure you all enjoyed it as much as we did!  Thanks Toyota!!

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