Family: Reunion with Paypon-Jose-Rosanes Family

26 July 2015

I hold family gatherings as exciting milestones in our lives.  Most of my family live abroad so whenever some of them come back to Manila, I make sure that we attend the reunions.  This time, it's my cousin Martha and her family that came back from Wisconsin.  Her Mom and Dad came ahead of them so we're one big happy family!

The first time that Dana and Alyssa (Mar's eldest) met was during the family reunion in Calayan, Cagayan.  Look at how much they've grown.  At first, it was a little awkward but they soon got their groove when we all played Charades on the phone.  :) That's a great ice breaker! :)

Alyssa and Dana (before)

Dana and Alyssa (now)

We also got to catch up with the rest of the family, like Jops and Gabs, who are obviously expectant parents so I'm looking forward to another addition to our growing clan :)

Of course, a reunion is not complete without great food and we all had our stomachs bursting because of it :) I didn't get to take pictures of the food hahaha but trust me, we loved everything that was served hahaha

 Mar and Tita Cora, thanks for inviting us! We enjoyed coming over and it was great to catch up with you guys! Until the next time! :)

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