Travel: Trip to Fort Santiago, Manila

Today, Dylan, Tracy and I went to Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila to be with Patrick and their production team as they shoot scenes with Apl de Ap for Full Throttle.

Mind you, it has been a very long time since I was last here and I remember it was part of an educational field trip in my school. It was Dylan's and Tracy's first time to visit so it's like seeing it all for the first time again :)

Our first stop was at the Visitors' Center where Patrick's team was assembled.  They were prepping for the day's shoot and since we were told we had time to go around, so we did.  We arrived there around 11:30 am so there was hardly anyone around which was great!  The kids were eager to walk around and take pictures.
It was glorious to walk around the gardens.  The kids liked the fountains and the cannons.

From the gardens, you will cross the moat (which we didn't take pictures with as I was scared that the kids might fall in) and walk up to the Gate of Fort Santiago.  It was built in 1714, destroyed in the Battle of Manila in 1945 and then restored in 1982.  

Upon entering, you'll see Rizal's monument at the center, the Rizal Museum to the Left and the ruins of the an old theater to the Right.

Inside the Rizal Museum, the Ground Floor was mostly devoted to Rizal's life prior and up to his incarceration and death.  The 2nd Floor focuses on his influence on recent history.

These two photos are of Rizal's shattered vertebrate.  It was really creepy yet fascinating at the same time.

 Near the end of the exhibit, you'll find a spot for photos and we took advantage of that.  They even had hats on a stand so you can pick the hat that you want for props :)

 After the Rizal Museum, we tried to get our bearings because the exit is on the 2nd floor and we had no idea where we were (have no sense of direction!)  We kept on walking and ended up near the Pasig River.  We passed the dungeons and armory and prison cells.

By this time, we've had quite a trek around Fort Santiago and went back to the Visitor's Center (after a quick trip to the restrooms to freshen up).  Apl de Ap was already there and they were getting ready to shoot.  There were a number of setups and locations so everyone was busy.  I can't really say at this time what the segments will be but one will involve a jeepney (as you can see) and a lot more so you guys better tune in when it shows on the History Channel :)  Naturally, we had to have a photo opp with him :) He was nice and really upbeat even though the sun was scorching hot.

The kids and I took some time to rest, if rest is what you call playing on the see-saw and taking more pictures with cannons LOL

It was also nice to see these two long-time friends and partners in the show having a light moment together.

The last part of the shoot involved San Agustin Church and a restaurant called Barbara's.  By that time, we were all so tired that we just sat down at the restaurant and relished the cool aircon breeze.  Apl de Ap and his group had to leave for another engagement after that.

That was such a hectic but fun day for everyone.  We got to see how a TV Show is shot and created.  We got to tour a historic destination. We got to hang out with an international celebrity!  

So you guys really have to wait and see what's in store for you from Full Throttle!  It's going to be exciting :)

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