Another tasty trip to Tamagoya

January 14, 2015

Some of you may know that Pope Francis is due to visit the Philippines from January 15-19.  As part of his itinerary, he will be visiting the University of Santo Tomas.  The reason why I'm mentioning it is because I learned today that we had to move Stanley, who is currently parked on the sidewalk because we have a test unit parked in the garage, to a different parking area for security reasons.  The Pope and his entourage will be passing by the street in front of our house and no car should be on the sidewalk when they pass on their way to UST.  So, we had to find Stanley a new parking slot for the duration of the holiday.

We then ended up bringing Stanley to Stevie's house in Marikina so he can be safely parked in their garage and we didn't have to pay for parking fees.  I think overnight parking fees near our area cost P300 for overnight parking.  Anyway, that's why Patrick and I ended up visiting Tamagoya once again.  We first visited Tamagoya last year.  We liked the food so much that, because now we were in the vicinity again, we couldn't pass up the chance.   This time, I was able to take pictures too hahaha

I ordered the Miso Ramen and Patrick ordered the Tamagoya ramen.  My miso ramen came with togue (monggo sprouts), a bit of nori, a slice of pork, an egg and corn kernels.  It was a good combination of salty (miso) and sweet (corn).  It was delish! :) Patrick's Tamagoya ramen included bamboo shoots, pork and nori.  We shared an order of pan-fried gyoza too.
Miso Ramen = P158
Tamagoya Ramen - P198
Pan-Fried Gyoza = P98
The last time we ate at Tamagoya, we were offered Choux Creme for dessert.  It was what we know as Creme Puff, a light crusty pastry with a creme filling.  I'm a sucker for creme puffs and that time we ordered the regular one and one with a strawberry filling.  This time, Patrick and I ordered the regular Choux Creme each.  It's the perfect way to clear your taste buds of the oil of the ramen :)  It was really good and there was a lot of filling! Sometimes, creme puffs can be disappointing because it's more bread than filling. Glad it wasn't the case here :D 

Choux Creme (Creme Puff) = P48
Choux Creme (inside)
Before leaving, naturally, I had to visit the restroom and I took a photo of it too hahaha It's quite small but clean. This was the downstairs bathroom.  There's also another one on the 2nd floor.  There was good running water, tissue, soap and a trash can.  

Female Bathroom (downstairs)
So, here's our receipt.
Our Receipt
If you want to visit Tamagoya Noodle House, they are open Tuesdays - Sundays (Monday-Closed) 11AM - 2PM and 5PM - 9PM only.  They are often full so expect a bit of waiting time.  Here is their address:  2 VV Soliven Avenue, Barangay Mayamot, Antipolo City.  Phone 861-86-31.

What's interesting about Tamagoya is that they also don't accept tips because as they say, "It is their pleasure serving you".  

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