Family: Kalila's Baby Shower

January 11, 2015

Today was Kalila's baby shower.  The kids were excited to be there early so they have more time to interact with their friends Tamara and Mika, Kalila's wonderful kids.  I wanted to be there early because I wanted to help out in the preparations. Miss Pregnant can't afford to be tired or else Sole might pop out sooner than expected :)  Patrick was not traveling with us because he was still in Clark since he participated in the Cannonball 1000 event for Top Gear.  Incidentally, that was a great event where they had to travel/race 1000 kilometers around North Luzon in 24 hours!

Well, on to the event!

Though it was mentioned in the invite that the theme was "Cross-dressing" to show equal but shared responsibilities in parenting, I forgot to mention it to the kids and I ended up forgetting about it too, my bad.  But what was funny was that I subconsciously dressed very similarly to how Patrick dresses LOL I had on a car (Subaru) shirt, khaki pants and sandals.  Dana, the tomboy that she is, was dressed in shorts, a Star Wars shirt and her Converse high-cuts.  Dylan was the only one who wasn't "dressed".  Since we arrived early, everyone was busy getting into their "roles".  But once everyone started arriving and the guys soon turned into girls and vice versa, we all had a most hilarious time! :)
Luna and Dylan as "airplanes"
The girls turned "boys" :)
Belli, Dylan and Dana
Bito and Luna
Lucas with his Lolo Net, turned "mermaid" haha
Johann, Tita Gigi, Mika, Belli 
 After the kids had their swim, Dylan became restless and we decided to go for a walk around the Village.  Funny enough, we found Patrick coasting to a stop in front of us and we rode with him on the way back hahaha

By that time, new refreshments were on the table.  Look at that scrumptious steak!! I forgot to take a picture of the food that was served hahaha we just dove in! hahaha

Josie, Orvin and Johann
 It wasn't your typical baby shower that's for sure! But, the best thing about it was that everybody enjoyed themselves.  Food was plentiful (courtesy too of friends and family who brought more), drinks were abundant, and guests were enjoyable :)  Congrats and we can't wait for Sole to arrive! :)

PS: I wasn't able to take pictures of all the gifts when they were opened by Kali so I'd rather not post the ones that I did (to be fair) hehehe

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