Kids: Tracy's 1st and Dana's 9th birthdays

March 03, 2013

As I mentioned in my previous post, we were all preparing for a double celebration.  Since Tracy's and Dana's birthdays were close together, we decided to celebrate them together.  It would have been funny if we had included Dylan too since his birthday is also on March but it was 2 weeks later. :)

Anyway, the preparations included buying cake.  We tapped Dana's Ninong Phil to create the cakes for both girls.  Tracy's was simple because she's still small so we opted to have a Minnie Mouse-inspired chocolate cake.  At that time, Dana was into Adventure Time so her cake was of Finn and Jake but it was Red Velvet.  We tasted these two flavors when we went to Phil's for a birthday too and he made the cakes and they were delicious! :) We ordered them ahead of time then came in the morning to pick them up.

Next, we had to order the food for the guests.  We considered cooking the food ourselves but decided against it because it would take too much time and there were many people coming.  We didn't have the equipment basically hahaha So, after looking around and computing and comparing prices and taste, we finally decided to order from Amber.  It's our tried and tested food provider for big celebrations.  We only had to order it a day before and pick it up from their Morato branch the day after.  The barbecue was the only thing that wasn't from Amber's.  We ordered it from our local carinderia :) They make delicious barbecue! :) Of course, we also bought the necessary paper plates, cups, cutlery, napkins and drinks.

Pork Barbecue
Pancit Malabon

Lumpia Shanghai

 Basically, that's all that we prepared for.  We didn't plan for any activities because we were sure that conversation among the guests will be non-stop anyway.  The guests were mostly Tracy's godparents and they were composed of Den's friends.  We were Dana's guests hahaha We did prepare a "scrapbook" for guests to write their birthday letter to Tracy and we planned to include a picture of them with Tracy.  That scrapbook is with Den now.  She can add to it for every birthday Tracy celebrates :)

Here are the guests! Good food and good company! It was a fun day!  Happy birthday Tracy and Dana!

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