2nd Photo Shoot

March 07, 2013

Today was the schedule for the 2nd photo shoot for Smart Parenting magazine.  They were cutting it too close for their April deadline so everything was kind of in a rush.  Apparently, the photos from the first shoot wasn't cohesive with the rest of the photos of the other interviewees so they decided to re-shoot at Mom and Tina's cafe in Makati.  It was fine with me although it was too bad that the first one didn't make the cut.  I kind of liked how I looked there hahaha (vain!)

Anyway, these photos were taken by Den at the photo shoot.  She had a crappy mobile camera so the pictures are a little blurry hahha  It was a bit awkward that they had to do the makeup there at the cafe in front of other people but I guess there was no other extra private space and besides who was I to complain? ;)

This time our photographer was Dax Angeles who also happened to know Patrick since he also freelances for Top Gear Philippines.  Unfortunately, I can't remember the makeup artist's name because when we got there, there was no time for introductions and small talk. Just straight to the makeup and shoot.  After, we were treated to the delicious cakes and pastries they have on hand! :)  Then, it was all  a matter of waiting for the issue to hit the stands!

Before going home, we all trooped to Hainanese Delights in Robinsons Otis and we took this opportunity to take pictures.  hahaha.  It's rare that I look this good and with professional makeup at that! So "Ready, Aim, Shoot!" haaha We were so noisy we woke up Tracy hahaha

Update:  Here's a scanned pic of the article in the Smart Parenting Magazine

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