Happy Birthday Dylan!

March 18, 2012

This may sound funny but last week we were at UP for Patrick's photo shoot.  When we asked Dylan what he wanted to do for his birthday, he told us he wanted to go biking at UP again.  So, the birthday boy got his wish.  We went back to UP and took the kids biking again. :D

After a few satisfying runs along the street, everyone was  tired and needed a rest.  Fortunately, there was a Mamang Sorbetero selling dirty ice cream :) It was such a treat having something so cold and yummy after the bike runs.  It also takes Patrick and I to our childhood of  visits to the park.  Such simple pleasures are truly to be treasured.

Naturally, after all that exercise, we were ravenous and Rodic's is the best place to satisfy our hunger :) Though we just had Tapsilog from the same place the previous week, we still want more!!! :D

After, I cooked Dylan's favorite pasta for dinner.  If I cooked chili prawns for Dana, Dylan also deserves my cooking :) And of course, pasta is my other specialty hahahaha  I guess you could say I had a few satisfied customers that night LOL

Dylan, my baby boy, it's tough that you're beset by your slight AD/HD and speech problems.  It's tough having to learn and it's tough on me to teach you as well.  But I'm proud that we're pulling through it together, that I see a lot of improvement.  I'm also fascinated by how your mind works, how you perceive things.  You're no ordinary son, that's for sure and you make me happy in ways that I simply cannot count.  Happy Birthday!  We love you!!

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