Tagging along on a Photoshoot for Top Gear Philippines

March 10, 2012

In Patrick's line of work, sometimes you have to compromise and combine work with pleasure, especially when he has to work during the weekends.  On this day, he was scheduled to interview a cousin, Jan Paul (technically he is my uncle by blood relation but he's younger than me so we just call each other cousins for simplicity), because his car will be featured in the magazine for their Japanese Issue.

So, while they're busy with their work, the kids were busy with riding their bikes and just having a terrific time.  You don't have to worry about them bumping into other bikes like you would if you go to Quezon Memorial Circle.  You also won't worry about other cars passing even though technically we're in the parking lot.  It's just nice to be out and about in the park, enjoying the sun and the breeze, eating your morning taho.

I love this shot :)

Love the sun on her face :)
 What better way to end the photo shoot/bike trip than with tapsilog at Rodic's :)

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