Welcome to the World, Olivia Tracy!

February 26, 2012

Now, if you read my previous blog posts (click here and here), you know that we've had a pretty busy day yesterday.  So, when we got home in the evening, everyone just wanted to rest and relax so it was pretty early when everyone had gone to sleep.

I got woken up at 5AM by Den who said that she was already having contractions and that they were becoming painful.  That shook the sleepiness and the groggy-feeling right out of my body! :D It was a good thing that she was packed and ready to go to the hospital so it was just a matter of finding a taxi to get to the hospital.  Patrick had to stay home for the kids who were still asleep.

So, by 530AM we were at the hospital, she was admitted to the Labor Room while I was outside arranging for her room and just basically texting my brother and sister (Den's mom) about the news.

By around 7PM, I was just bored to death because I forgot to bring a book with me so I just took photos of the room where she will be staying.  It's a ward for 4 people but it seemed like a private room since there was no one in it but her anyway.

I was surprised when they brought in this set of breakfast.  I thought it was for Den but when I checked, it was for me woohoo! The longganisa was really good.  It didn't matter that I had no utensils hahaha I used my hands and I was so messy because I'm not used to eating barehanded hahahaha

Around lunchtime, Den hasn't come back yet and the rest of the family had arrived.  Sofia was content playing under the bed.

At around 1230, we got the call that Oliva Tracy was born and that she was in the nursery.  Naturally, we all trooped downstairs like mad men earning evil stares from the nurses on the floor :D So, here she is, Olivia Tracy weighing 2.7 kilos and 51 cms long.

Congrats Den! You're now a mother.  It's time to grow, be mature and think a little less of yourself and more of your child. :)

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