Car: Renewing Patrick's Driver's License

Along with the annual registration of our car, we also processed Patrick's renewal of driver's license on the same day just to optimize his leave.  Although, technically, he is supposed to renew his driver's license on his birth month, we just decided to deal with it to save time.

Here are the steps that we followed when we processed Patrick's renewal of driver's license.  I just need to point out that we went to the LTO Robinson's Galleria branch to apply for the renewal of his driver's license.  The LTO Driver's License Renewal Office (DLRC) was located at the basement level of Robinson's Galleria.  If you're at the Food Court Level, just head to your left until you reach the stairs or the escalator and go down one level.  The NBI Branch Office is also on the same level.

We arrived there around 12 noon.  We first headed to the Drug Test and Medical Clinic right beside the LTO DLRC Office because we knew that a drug test is necessary prior to the actual renewal  of the driver's license.

Here are the steps as posted on the wall of the Clinic as soon as you enter through the door.

At this point, I left Patrick to roam around the mall because there were around 10 people lined up along the wall of the clinic.  Patrick, of course, filled out the required forms, paid the Cashier P400 and waited to be called for Urine Collection.  Pay attention to the phrase in red, "Proceed to the small table".  I found that rather funny because for a second there I thought that they will be collecting the urine at the small table.  When I got closer to where Patrick was sitting, I found that there really was a small table with a nurse manning it.  It couldn't be any bigger than 3 feet across hehehe Behind it were two bathrooms, one for males and one for females, with the note that you have to keep the doors open while urinating ;) I guess it's easier for guys ;)

After the urine collection, Patrick skipped Step 4 because the doctor was still out and to save time, they did the picture and finger scanning first.  It wasn't such a long wait when Patrick's number was called for the Medical Doctor portion.  He got his results and then we just moved next door to file for his driver's license renewal.  The drug testing process was completed in roughly 40 minutes.

There were about 7 people waiting for their turn by the time we went into the LTO Office.  THis is what it looked like.  There were bench seats for waiting and it was cool and comfortable.  The picture taking area was to the right, and you can see where the blue screen was set up and where you'll have to sit in front of.

To make it easier for other applicants, here is a picture of what you should expect to do when you get there.

Step 1:  Accomplish and submit Application for Driver's License and supporting documents at Window 2.
Step 2:  Proceed to photo taking/signature area when your name is called.
Step 3:  Proceed to Cashier at Window 1 to pay for the corresponding fees (License Fee - P350, Computer Fee - P67.63 = P417.63).  You may have to pay more if your license has expired.
Step 4:  Wait for your name to be called to claim your OR and the card type driver's license at Window 3.  (Window 3 is at the corner of the picture)

It took about 10 minutes for the whole process to be completed.  We were fortunate that there weren't that many people applying.

If you need further information, LTO has a Facebook page dedicated to Driver's License Renewal Centers. You can find it here.  The LTO DLRC Robinsons Galleria branch is open from Monday to Friday, 9AM-6PM.


  1. Thank you for Blogging about this Rachel, I just saw this now while googling the net for some information about LTO-DLRCs. :)

    -Precious Miranda, LTO-DLRC Proponent (Metropoint Mall & Araneta Square Mall)

  2. Renewing my driver's license took only about an hour I think or maybe quicker than that...didn't get bored or annoyed at all with because as mentioned, the LTO was cool, clean and the process was fast. Done it twice at Rob Galleria LTO branch and I can say I've never been happier...very convenient and fast.


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