Trip to UP Diliman and Rodic's

One facet of Patrick's job as a writer for Top Gear Philippines is having his weekends devoted to car events and photo shoots.  Well, during this weekend, the kids and I tagged along just to have the chance to breathe some fresh air among the trees and the gardens of UP Diliman.

The first order of the day was eating taho!

Then walking along the path and finding a creek and a log to sit on.  There were plenty of butterflies - yellow, white and black - that were flitting around.  Such a pretty sight.  Too bad I only had a camera phone - too slow to catch one.

After much running around, we found a log to sit on.  Dana had her thermos and they shared a cup or two to refresh themselves.

Dylan became very invigorated as you can see!

So while Patrick was busy working, we were busy playing and we weren't getting into each other's way.  We ended our trip with tapsilog at Rodic's Diner. Yummy!!  That was a good day out :)

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