Car: Renewing our Car Registration

It's January again and it's time for Stanley's annual car registration.   Normally, we'd cringe from the thought of having to process such a tedious requirement because of the notorious lines at the Land Transportation Office (LTO).  But it's thanks to the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) of which we're a member, that we just breeze through Stanley's annual car registration.

Here are the things that we needed to prepare before we went to the AAP Office at 682 Aurora Boulevard, San Juan, Metro Manila.

1.  The Smoke Emission Test with passing result and Original Receipt of Payment.  We went through our Smoke Emission Test at one of the smoke emission testing centers near the LTO along Aurora Boulevard.  As an AAP member, we got a discount of 15% since we went to an authorized testing center.  I think we paid only less than P400 for the test.

2.  Photocopy of Certificate of Registration

3.  Original Copy of the Previous Year's Official Receipt of the LTO Registration (we got this from AAP too)

4.  Original and Photocopy of the Certificate of Cover

So since we had all these documents before hand, the only thing we needed to do was get the Smoke Emission Test results (which only took about 5 minutes) and then proceeded to the AAP which was about 15 minutes away.

There was no one else in the office so the process took less than 15 minutes.  We just submitted the documents and paid our annual car registration fee, which amounted to almost P6000 (we have a Subaru Legacy station wagon), including the insurance.  We had to wait for about 5 days to get our new Official Receipt of Registration and the registration sticker.


We got our registration stickers on January 28th.  It was available about a week after we registered Stanley but it was the only time Patrick was able to go on leave.

If you want to know more about LTO Car registration services of AAP, check out their page:

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