Brian and Donna's Wedding

I realized that at my age, there are three events that I will most likely be often invited to - weddings, baptisms and funerals.  Last year, I made a promise to myself that if I get more invitations for get-togethers and chances for meet-ups with friends, I will not pass up on them.  So, when I received a personal invitation from Brian regarding his wedding today, I immediately said yes.

It's nice being personally invited to a person's wedding because it means that this person really wants you to be a part of their celebration.  It didn't matter that I would have to spend for it considering it was a strictly formal affair but it's a chance to really dress up and look good ;)

It also was a chance to meet up with other college buddies, Nancy and Grace, who shared the same table with Patrick and I.  The wedding was held at the Manila Cathedral.  That was also a good enough reason for me to attend the wedding ceremony.  I have lived in Manila all my life and yet I haven't been inside the Manila Cathedral hahaha  It was an impressive church - no one Brian wanted to get married here.  After the wedding, we all trooped to One Esplanade near Mall of Asia in Pasay for cocktails and the reception.

There's one word that I can use to describe Brain's wedding -  Bongga!! It's roughly the Filipino version for Extravagantly Fantastic! :)  This was a dream wedding for most brides I think.  Getting married in a very beautiful church.  Having your family and friends surrounding you on this very special day (there were around 300 guests if you were to count the number of tables at the venue).  Just the right dose of entertainment during the reception with Chico and Delamar hosting the program.  Very tasty food at the buffet tables.  Fireworks to cap the evening. :)  It was truly a day and a night to remember for both the couple and their guests.

Here are pictures while at the Manila Cathedral:

Here are pictures while at the Sunken Garden at One Esplanade.  We tasted different types of cheese!

We had fun having our pictures taken at the two photo booths there.  The second picture was cut and attached to a guestbook for Brian and Donna.  The rest of the pictures (the 3 small ones) were turned into refrigerator magnets.  How cool is that?! :)

Here we are inside the venue, Coral B at One Esplanade.  Grace and Fred arrived a little later but were still able to partake of the special buffet.

All Attendees received the small box which was full of chocolates and candy, while female attendees received the bigger box.  Guess what was inside the bigger box?  A jewelry box! :) Dana claimed it for herself :)

To Brian and Donna - Congratulations and Thank You for Inviting Us! 


  1. hi che, visited your blog.naalala ko yung mga cheese, ang sarap, nalang ang kulang, hehe. -nancy

  2. Hi Rachel! I just accidentally chance upon this blog when i googled our names! So happy to see this post. Im happy to know that you had a great time during our wedding :) thanks for coming again. I hope to meet you again one of these days :) - Donna

  3. I highly recommend One Esplanade events place, good ambiance can accommodate up to 600 seated guest. Nice post here! Thanks :)


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