Mom's 4th Death Anniversary

Today is my mom's 4th death anniversary.  I can't believe it's already been 4 years...I still miss her so bad and yes, the pain is still the same as it was when I found out she was dead.  But, I figured she wouldn't like it if we remembered her with sadness so I thought I'd post 4 things that my mom loved when she was alive.  :) 4 things because it's her 4th death anniversary.. silly, I know, but it's fun for me to think about these things :) So, bear with me :D

1.  Speed - yep, I remember when we watched that movie, she almost had a heart attack because she was holding on to her breath and being all tense!!  She would be gripping the armrests of the chair and just be so taken in with the movie.  After that, she was smiling like crazy and laughing like she was high on something.. :D  It doesn't matter if she sees it the 2nd time, it'll be the same all over again :)

2.  Cinnzeo cinnamons - I remember when I first brought home a box of Cinnzeo cinnamons for my mom.  I bought it at Greenbelt on my home from work.  I was so enamored of the flavor and I knew she would be too so I bought a box for her.  Imagine her surprise when she first took a bite out of the original flavored one.  She said it was to die for!! She didn't really like that it was so expensive but I told her, that's the reason why we work so we can enjoy good food like this :)  It was such a guilty pleasure for her that I would still buy her a box every time I could :D

3.  Tom Clancy books - Yep, this is no surprise but she loved Tom Clancy books.  She first started with Patriot Games and I guess she fell in love with Jack Ryan.  Whenever we'd go to Booksale she'll scour the shelves for the rest of his books until she was able to complete majority of the collection.  Her favorite one was "Without Remorse" because it was more personal and so aptly titled.

My brother and I got our love of books from our mom and we'd always share the books that we read.  Even when she was in the States she'd send books that she'd finished to me and my brother would complain that he hasn't read them yet hahahaha

4.   Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet - Oh my God! I just suddenly remembered how giggly like a teenager my mom was when Spandau Ballet first came out hahaha Granted we all loved their songs but it was Tony Hadley that really made my mom's heart race LOL  I remembered that I bought her a full-size poster of Tony for her birthday hahahaha It was right in the middle of her bedroom! hahahaha I'm really laughing here because it's such a good memory and I'm glad that I did this...


  1. Cheers to a very special mom..very unique in her own funny and sweet loving ways..wherever she is, she's definitely more than happy for having lived her life the way she did touching the lives of her wonderful children. My prayers on this day for her.

  2. My prayers too to my favorite teacher; and one of my inspirations to teach and write, then and now. We always talk about her when our batch (CMRHS 89-90)has some time to get together. I know she's happy now, watching each one of us. She has touched so many lives, especially us students who have been part of her fruitful teaching career. We miss you Ma'am Paypon!


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