Gimmick in Clark with Senate friends

December 27, 2010

After many months of planning and the plans running awry, the day has finally arrived for the much-awaited reunion of Senate friends :)  Of all the places to meet, we had to go to Clark for a day, or a night, in this instance hahaha Martin was generous enough to host the meet at his V8 Resto Bar :)

Now, believe me I don't drink any alcoholic beverages but I felt I was old enough to try it (nyahahaha) and since Patrick was going to be the one driving anyway, well I figured I may as well indulge a little hahahaha Tequila, especially Patron, really tastes good.  I can get used to this hahaha 

For that day, Lily and I went together and it was nice being able to chat with her on the trip.  Jerry who was one of the original "instigators" of the meet was trapped in La Union to my surprise.  Luci was the first to arrive in V8  :) 

As you can see from these pictures, it was a night of much laughter and entertainment brought on by good company, great food and free-flowing drinks.  It was a time for catching up and reminiscing especially about great times during our stint as Senator's Staff.

One highlight of the evening was when Jimmy Santos of Eat Bulaga fame (and I'm sure many Filipinos will recognize) arrived.  Patrick and I were giggling (yes, even Patrick because he's such a fan) because it's like one step being closer to the legendary trio of TVJ (Titom Vic and Joey) :D  Naturally, I didn't let the opportunity pass and I posed for a picture (or two) with him hahaha Patrick was a little shy though :)

Jerry arrived late, as expected since he was traveling from a few provinces away and he was even trapped in several stops where there were fiestas occuring.  His shirt best says it, "Heinaku!" :) or "Hay naku" which translates to "Oh my gosh!"

The evening flew by so fast with a lot of singing (it was a videoke bar too).  Patrick and I didn't want to leave yet, but we already agreed that we would stay only until 12MN because we didn't want to leave the kids too long.  So, we left at midnight, like Cinderella and arrived home some 2 hours later.  It was a good night! May there be more to come! :D

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