Kids watched their first Tagalog movie - Super Inday :)

December 26, 2010

I have to be honest and admit that this family doesn't really patronize Tagalog or Filipino Films.  I will be upfront and say that I'm not particularly fond of most of the "drama" movies because there's hardly any new material - yes different actors, different directors, different settings but the plot is generally the same.  Okay, I'm sure a lot of people out there are going to be so mad about what I'm saying but, really, it's just my personal preference so I don't really care.

I am pleased though that other production companies are beginning to see the benefits of investing in good and expensive special effects to improve their movie quality.  That's a plus because in this day and age, a lot of people are exposed to really high-end graphics that you just can't be left behind.

It was quite funny, and surprising to say the least, that during the Christmas season, Dana requested that we all watch Regal's entry to the Metro Manila Film Fest, Super Inday, whose trailer she often saw on TV.  I don't really know what attracted Dana to it.  I guess she found the trailers funny hahaha

So, when we went to Robinsons Manila to have Stanley's grounding kit installed, I decided to grant Dana's request and so we watched Super Inday.  I had really no expectations whatsoever about the movie.  I hadn't seen the original Super Inday with Maricel Soriano so I can't compare them.  So, expecting nothing, or at the very least, expecting to be disappointed and reinforcing my opinion about Filipino movies, I sat down with my family to see the movie.  The movie basically revolved around Marian Rivera's character, Inday, who has been chosen to become a Super Hero(ine) by a fallen angel in the form of John "Sweet" Lapus, in the role of the Golden Bibe (Golden Duck/Goose).   The Magic Bibe will lay a golden egg filled with super powers which Inday is supposed to ingest whenever she satisfies or achieves a superhero character trait from a checklist that the Magic Bibe defined.  Her challenges come from her interaction with the other characters in the story - Ms. Kokay (Pokwang), Ingrid the bad gal (Mylene Dizon), Monina (Inday's mother played by Cherry Pie Picache), Amazing J (Jake Cuenca and the love interest) and the kids (her charges).  

Fast forward to the end!

The movie was really funny :)  For me, John Lapus was the highlight of the film hahahaha He had some very witty, albeit very gay, lines which had me laughing in my seat.  Granted, I'm easily tickled by simple things, it's nice to hear Dana laughing her heart out as well :)  I think Marian played the part effectively although this role was hardly a challenge to her, I think.  Mylene's character was also hardly a challenge to play - it's very stereotypical of an antagonist and she probably did this role a thousand times.

The film on its own is very simple, I would actually expect more since it's a Metro Manila Film Fest participant.  I don't want to dissect it too much because there's really nothing to dissect hahaha It was fun and entertaining and that was probably their goal :)

For me, I'm just glad that the kids loved it enough to stay in their seats the whole time we were in the movie house.  It's also funny to see Dana shaking her butt much like Super Inday and Dylan shouting Super Inday every once in a while :)  It was just a nice way to spend time with the family :)

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