Christmas Day 2010 - Tadeo Family

December 25, 2010

Christmas Day - Part 2

Our Christmas Day journal continues with a visit to Patrick's brother Stevie and his family in Marikina.  We had a couple of hours to rest after my sister left and that was a relief hahaha Stevie and his family were also doing rounds among their relatives so we promised to meet up in the afternoon to early evening when they got back.  It was around 4PM when we went to their house.

When we got there, we were surprised to see Stevie, a little bit sweaty, considering that the temperature was rather cold outside.  Turns out he was putting together an Optimus Prime robot and it has taken a better part of the hour to complete ;)  Lance was getting impatient but was still able to find new toys to play with.  Hannah is becoming such a big girl already and she and her Ate Dana were bonding really well.

It was a good time to be with family.  I believe it's important for these cousins to bond, to stay close because they're the next generation of Tadeos.  Too bad that Dimples and Rhys wanted no part in the festivities.

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