Christmas Day 2010 - Paypon Family

December 25, 2010

Our Christmas Day can best be described by what I wrote in my Facebook Status message:  "It has been a happy, chaotic, fatigue-inducing and adrenalin-burning day!"

The days before Christmas have been so hectic I have ended up being sick up to Christmas Eve and wasn't even able to prepare for the Midnight Feast.  The next morning, dawned bright and early, and I was really excited for the kids :)  I started busying myself in preparations for the Christmas dishes that we were serving our guests :) It's just actually my sister and her family hahaha  So while I was slaving away in the kitchen, the kids, Den and Erghie were busy taking pictures :)
It took a while to finish in the kitchen.  I was preparing two types of pasta dishes.  The first one was carbonara because it was what Dana wanted.  The other one was my choice because I wasn't too fond of carbonara, so I experimented a little and made tomato pesto with olives and mushrooms.  I really wanted basil pesto pasta but for some reason, all groceries we went to had no fresh basil in stock.  I guess I'm getting tired of the usual spaghetti and wanted something different and light.  Of course, the kids prepared the salads and cakes a day earlier so that was done.

When everyone had time to refresh (meaning get cleaned up), we started opening our Christmas gifts :)  The kids had a lot of gifts.  I think there were two sets - one educational and one for fun hahaha There were a lot of bargains and sales that Patrick and I went to even before the Christmas season started so there was a good variety of gifts :)  If I'm not mistaken, Dana's favorite gift was her billiard table set.  Den's favorite gift was her Resident Evil DVD Collection :)  Dylan loved his train set! And of course, I absolutely loved my coffeemaker! :D hahaha We took a lot of pictures but here's the best of them:

My sister Sharon and her family arrived just in time to open their presents.

Christmas is really all about spending time with family even though for the better part of the year you don't keep in touch and rarely even speak hahahaha
The gifts don't really matter, although they're very much appreciated hahahaha
The food doesn't matter, although special requests are accepted ahead of time.

The cost doesn't matter, although kids usually have more money than their parents during this season :)

We miss Lola Benggoy and Allan, Lolo Angel and Tita Flor, our other relatives on both Coasts in the United States, all our friends... but we do wish them the Best of the Season and the Years to Come! 

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