Meng & Vio's Wedding

It's always a good day when there's a wedding.  It's especially great since Dana has been invited by my cousin Meng to be one of the flower girls for his and Vio's wedding.  Dana was very excited!  It was also her first time to be a flower girl so she was nervous and wasn't particularly fond of wearing a dress hahaha What she did look forward to was the ManiPedi we had a day before the wedding hahaha

Here we are upon arriving at the Church.

The beautiful bride and Meng with his Dad and Mom.

 Here are the couple with their Ninongs and Ninangs.

On the right is their entourage..

 Here are the kids. :)

Naturally, we can't have a wedding without us goofing off hahahah but we did this at home so as not to embarass ourselves and our newlyweds! hahahaha

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