AAP 2nd Caravan - 2nd Stop: GBR Museum

November 27, 2010

To continue with my journal about the 2nd AAP Caravan, our next stop was the GBR Museum, in the compound of the Gateway Business Park in  Gen. Trias, Cavite.  The Museum contains more than 3,000 vintage photographs chronicling the History of the Philippines.  Once you reach the compound, you'll see the monument to the Cavite Mutiny.  

There are five (5) pavilions inside the building:  Pavilion A showcases 19th century photographs;  Pavilion B has the Underwood and Underwood archives from 1898-1905; Pavilions C & D showcase collections of different model aircrafts and paintings; Pavilion E has photographs during the 2nd World War.  Here are some interesting pictures from inside the aircraft pavilions.  

Space Shuttle Lapel Pins
Space Shuttles

Here on the right is a Flight Certificate awarded to GBR for riding the Concorde in November 1995.  


To the left is Charles Lindenberg's plane, the Spirit of St. Louis, which he flew when he made the first solo trip across the Atlantic.  To the right is a piece of mail, signed by the original crew of the China Clipper during her maiden voyage in November 1935.

In another pavilion, I took the liberty of taking these photos (of photos) which really made me smile.  I had such a fun time going around and gazing at photos from this period becaue it's like being taken to that point in time even when I can see and touch the "now" version.  Photos from Quiapo, Binondo, Avenida are so endearing because you see them in their heyday - clean, well-dressed folk, trains and calesas.  There were just too many pictures to take in and to savor.  :)

Being a kid from Sampaloc, Manila I am familiar with the Malacanang Palace.  Here's a picture of the old Malacanang Palace on the Pasig River (left).  If you love visiting Tutuban, Divisoria, here's the original facade of the main terminal station of the Manila-Dagupan Railway inaguarated in 1891 (right).  

Coming from a replica of the "Bahay na Bato" from the Museo De La Salle, here are actual pictures of the 'sala' of the photographer M. Rodriguez's sister's house during that time.  They really are very opulent !

Dana was delighted to see pictures of the Philippines' national heroes on display as they have been studying them in school.  She especially found it funny to see the picture on the leftmost side because there was an exact replica of it in JT's Manukan Grille, one of our favorite restaurants.  I even took a picture of the names because in JT's picture the names were blurred and we couldn't read it LOL

I found it funny to see our national hero, Jose Rizal in such a relaxed pose with Juan Luna, here after a bout of fencing :) Coolness! :D  Emilio Aguinaldo sure looks handsome! :)


We took such a long time looking at the pictures that we were the last ones to leave the Museum hahaha Dana even found time to relax inside. After, there was a snack break at the Petron Station in Tagaytay where we all enjoyed ice cream! :)

More to come in the next post! :) Stay tuned! :)

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